Monday, December 26, 2016

Sounds of the Day #344/2016: Chino Amobi (1,2) Halim El-Dabh and Ron Slabe (1) / Jeremy Bible (1-5)

Chino Amobi - Airport Music For Black Folk  (2016)

Chino Amobi - Mimesis as Threat (2015)

Halim El-Dabh and Ron Slabe - Sanza Time (2016)

The sonic expressions of the album helped me discover my resonance. I am walking, suspended in time on different spheres, surrounded by clouds. Birds fly all around while I travel strange seas, rising and falling between the crests and troughs of the waves. I am propelled and ejected into the newly undefined space only to be examined by an alien intelligence who came on a silent wind in response to the ancestors voices of anguish. 
Halim El-Dabh April 2016 

These recordings represent an aural dichotomy: 
Acoustic vs. Electronic, Field Recording vs. Studio, Analog vs. Digital, Ancient vs. Modern. We, as artists, walked the thin line between the extremes, weaving in and out as if drunk on the paradoxical juxtapositions between them. It is an honor to have embarked on this journey with my dear friend Halim. 
Ron Slabe April 2016

Jeremy Bible - Lbrnm (2016)

“lbrnm” contains 3 reinterpretations of a koen park-piece titled “laburnum” originally released on the highly recommended “grey night clouds” release on experimedia. The original work sounds very clean, deep and calming. It is dominated by a own heartbeat, created with a higher “gong” tone and a subtle beat, giving the piece a very specific structure. 
The reinterpretations by Jeremy break this structure. He slightly shifts some elements further into the background, accents other elements, fills in some easeful parts and carefully adds some very, very gentle field-recordings, glitches and sounds. You can still hear the old elements and find some links to the basic material, but new atmospheres emerge from the original sources in these three pieces. A bit more drone, dustier, rustier, and more open. 
The original track is a great ambient-electronic-work. And with these three re-workings by Jeremy, you can get further perspective into this wonderful material.

Jeremy Bible - Music For Black Holes (2016)

A four hour sound bath of pure tone minimalist ambient symphonics for withdrawal, isolation, contemplation, meditation, transcendence, intimacy & sensuality. "Music For Black Holes" came together out of pieces from Jeremy Bible's private archives compiled to aid in meditating his way through a challenging period of transition. A map to guide one through the vacuum of space & time. 
Limited Edition 8gb USB Drive containing "Music For Black Holes" in native HD audio 24bit / 88200khz wav format encased in black hard plastic box. 
Phillips head screwdriver required to access drive. 

Jeremy Bible - Fractures (2015)

Fractures began as a small sound installation consisting of film tins filled with objects including nails, tacks, ball bearings and other miscellaneous objects. The film tins were then equipped with piezo microphones plugged into amps then placed atop upward facing speakers. Evolving frequencies were then mixed into the speakers in order to vibrate and stimulate the film tins and their contents at varying intensities. The installation then evolved into a studio project expanding on the original configuration. The studio configuration consisted of two vintage tape decks, a vintage 1/4" reel-to-reel, two mixers, multiple microphones, multiple piezos, analog synths and effects pedals. Field recordings, synth tones and feedback were then mixed into the speakers with the film tins on top. The output was then captured by the microphones and piezos mixed by the second mixer and recorded by the reel-to-reel. These reel-to-reel recordings were then recorded and edited digitally. Fractures is the result of studio experiments with this configuration conducted during the period of November 2013 to February 2014.

Jeremy Bible - Collisions(2013)

Jeremy Bible -I Am Very Uncomfortable Most Of The Time(2007)