Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sounds of the Day #78/2016: Nick Keeling (1-4) / Alexandre St-Onge (1-3) / Bruno Duplant (6) / A.F. Jones (1,2)

Nick Keeling - Black Diamond Eulogy  (2016)
"another casualty caused by our trade laws and corporate greed that our union ... fights every day." - Ernie Gambolin: President of United Steelworkers Local 1190 // "They just don't seem like they want to have the steelworkers around here. They're phasing us out. And we don't know what we're supposed to do." - former employee of Frontier Industrial Corp. /// The former Industrial Heartland of North America, consisting of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois, and Ontario, is now just a faded memory. Post-industrial society has taken hold of the area and turned it into what residents call the "rust belt". Unions have been busted, corporate greed and capitalism has destroyed the physical land and the people, and the once promised rewards of hard work do not exist anymore. The main fuel source powering this land, coal, is now being phased out. We are in the midst of a new wave of mass layoffs that have not been felt since the collapse of the steel and automotive industries in the 1980's. Coal, the black diamond of North America, has left physical scars on the mountains it was mined from. The black diamond has left thousands of people impoverished in places that their ancestors called "the promised lands". People fled these beautiful cities to search for employment out west or back on the east coast. The relics, the smokestacks, and the blast furnaces still stand strong although they now are just carcasses of what they once were. Now, after many years, people are rediscovering the cities that their forefathers built. Behind every rust belt city are millions of stories lost in time. I hope, with this music, to provide an introduction to the stories of those who have been left disenfranchised, victims of corporate greed, and strangers in lands they originally called the industrial heartland.

Nick Keeling - Martha  (2015)

Martha died on September 1, 1914 at the Cincinnati Zoo. She was the last passenger pigeon to exist. Originally her species was numbered in the billions. Due to hunting and destruction of their habitats, they vanished.

Nick Keeling The City of Seven Hills  (2015)

Cincinnati is my home town. This album is an experimentation of field recordings with piano layered over them. The field recordings are a combination of areas consisting mostly within Cincinnati, a bus on my college campus, and news reports. Piano improvisations, which are layered over the field recordings, are used to provide an atmospheric interpretation of these environments.

Nick Keeling - Coffee Music (2015)
I made this album so I can afford to buy coffee at the cafe I study at. The more I study, the better my grades will be and I might get a good job if I'm lucky

Alexandre St-Onge - Semblances (2016)

Alexandre St-Onge - BTEBETB (2016)

Alexandre St-Onge - Occulter (2014)

Bruno Duplant avec A.F. Jones Les ténèbres vertes dans les soirs humides de la belle saison (2016)

A.F. Jones Languor Yields (2 compositions) (2016)