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Sounds of the Day #16/2017: WU-TANG Memorabilia #9 ///// Black Quantum Futurism (1,2,3,4,5) //Motion Sickness of Time Travel (1,2,3), )

WU-TANG Memorabilia #9

Black Quantum Futurism - Temporal Atonement  (2016)

A soundscape-walkshop that offers the listener a historical perspective regarding the Indigenous people living in the San Francisco Bay area. The walkshop portion considers the relationship with the Muwekwa Ohlone tribe to the tribal lands (space) and the heavy fog that protected them for over 200 years (time) from colonialism and genocide brought by the Spanish colonizers and missionaries. The unvaders had arrived in other parts of the west coast as early as 1532, but did not invade the Bay area until 1775. Throughout the years and the ever-changing landscape of San Francisco, the Indigenous people persist and have never left the lands they have called home since possibly as early as 4000 BCE. The soundscape shifts in and out of a walking confessional booth, giving the listener an opportunity to confess future and past memories and to seek atonement for them in the now moment, and into the spiraling cycles of quantum eternity. These memories depend on a primal temporal circuit that can be emitted forward or backwards into the fog,triggering superimposed offer and echo waves in the linear present. The fog also acts as a motherboard, protecting and harnessing the energies of confessed memories, activating their atonement.

Black Quantum Futurism Space-Time Collapse I  (2016)
Space-Time Collapse is a new experimental writing, sound, and image series applying Black Quantum Futurism practices and theory to various space-time collapse phenomenon. The inaugural collection SPACE-TIME COLLAPSE I: FROM THE CONGO TO THE CAROLINAS explores possible space-time narratives and temporal perspectives of enslaved Black African ancestors, pre- and post-liberation. The slave ships and plantations themselves are traversed by the visionaries as chronotopes containing layers of different times, imprinted by the experiences of the people held captive therein. The featured writers and visionaries attempt to visualize, hear, understand, and feel the experience of time overwritten -- the rewriting of conceptions of the past, present, and future to a people displaced by the transatlantic slave trade. The works also examine perceptions of time and space in relation to Black memory, historical and societal change, systems and institutions, and technological development, and how these perceptions are sifted through or persist into the present. Some propose ways and tools for shifting the dominant linear progress narrative with alternative concepts and shapes of time.

Black Quantum Futurism Futurist Garvey / Gravity Waves  (2016)

The concept of futurism in the Black diaspora predates the coining of the term afrofuturism. One great example of this Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Black Star Line, which envisioned the future of Black Americans as a return, by ship, to Africa, and which took practical steps to create an alternative economy to achieve these goals. Imagine how different the course of history would be, had he succeeded with his mission. On the other hand, one can see the actual effect that his efforts had on the actual future of Black America that would come to be, becoming a catalyst and inspiration for other Black resistance movements, and having an influence in name and philosophy that would go on to span space-time.

Black Quantum Futurism - Afterlife of Events (2015)

*Trigger Warning* We applied the Black Quantum Futurism gaze to the afterlife of events and astrological influences surrounding the birth, arrest, and death of Sandra Bland in order to synchronize the influences playing a role in Black woman genocide. We believe that astrological events are reversed and act retrocausally from the cosmic future to influence present events that will be subsequently written on the fabric of the past by light and sound.

Black Quantum Futurism - ANTI-KY-THE/RA (2015)

The mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, an astrolabe known as the first computer, was recovered in 82 fragments from a sunken shipwreck off the island of Antikythera around 1900. Although it is widely believed to have been constructed by a Greek astronomer around 100 BCE, this origin story has not been confirmed. No other such technologically complex artifact appeared anywhere in Europe until late 14th century. In 2015AD, BQF Theorists unearthed rare, previously unseen records and unheard sound clips claiming to detail the true origins of the mechanism as designed and constructed by a secret society in ancient Ifriqiyah as a device for time displacement.


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