Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sounds of the Day #2/2017: Sangam (1,2,3) / Virtual Dream Plaza (1) / Final Boss (1,2) / Polkka Love Machine (1) /Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro (1)

Sangam - You Forget This (2016)

Sangam - 在上升 (2016)

被遗忘的时光forgotten time (2016)
Through the lost hazy world I discovered parts of the mind that recur in my dreams. When I think about these times I wonder where I went wrong, was it just a phrase or was it reality? For you it's forgotten. 被遗忘的时光 - Forgotten Time ''This album was put together with original and sample based material. These tracks were made late at night, hope you feel something from them. Out to all the producers that have supported me to finish this project, you know who you are.'' - Sangam

Virtual Dream PlazaGuardian (2016)

Final Boss - Ura Nage (2016)

Final Boss - Enforcer (2015)

Polkka Love Machine Polkka Love Machine (2015)

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro - Inner and Outer Space (2016)