Monday, February 27, 2017

Sounds of the Day #54/2017: Found footage from the Anthropo-Scene #1: Europe // Juan Antonio Nieto (1) / Morten Poulsen (2) / Elon Katz (1,2) / Felicita (1)

Found footage from the Anthropo-Scene #1
Europe - The Final Countdown (1986)

Juan Antonio Nieto - Imperfect (2016)
The beauty of errors, asymmetry and imperfection are the defining features of "Imperfect", the latest release by Spanish sound artist Juan Antonio Nieto on the Viennese label Moozak. Often discarded or corrected, digital errors represent an inexhaustible source of sounds and unique and unrepeatable structures. "Imperfect" is an orderly chaos, a collection of reworked improvisations, in which some very obvious and other almost imperceptible errors give the work an essentially non-repeatable character. In these highly abstract digital compositions structures of crystalline sharpness and rough Lo-Fi noise are contrasted - occasionally supplemented by Drones, which evoke a vague reminder of harmony. Filled with buzzing, crackling, sizzling and hissing sounds Imperfect sketches sceneries that do not suggest a natural origin, but evoke a credible alternative reality through their complexity - like a glitch anti-world that exists beyond our familiar environment and which we allow to break through into our domain in order to fill the space around us for 46 minutes. (label info)

 Morten Poulsen - Aerodynamics (2016)
Aerodynamics is a composed sound piece in three parts, which seeks to explore sonic textures inspired by aircraft noise, but created exclusively with home build synthesizers and an array of guitar pedals. Aerodynamics is designed to be a dense and voluminous listening experience best presented with good quality loudspeakers or headphones with the volume turned up high! Being inside an airplane is a whole-body experience, as you hear the sound of the big turbines outside your window, the rumbling and shaking of the cabin interior, the increase of noise from the flow of air passing the wings and landing gear, and the bodily feel of low frequency oscillation coming from this massive instrument of transportation. Meanwhile, traveling brings forth emotions as you dream of which experiences lays ahead on your journey. Aerodynamics is a poetic compliment to sounds not usually associated with music. (label info)

Elon KatzConcupiscence  (2015)

Felicita - A New Family (2016)