Friday, March 17, 2017

Sounds of the Day #71,72:Guerino Mazzola

Antony Gormley, Rhizome III (1999)

Dear Readers,

today's Sounds of the Day attune you for the posting of Guerino Mazzola's version of THE 45SIS tomorrow. Prof. Mazzola is a renowned performer and one of the most important scholars in the field of musical theory and of mathematics. Mazzola wants to achieve a complete and valid theoretical describability of music in all its dimensions by introducing mathematical models and new concepts. You can read this in a large number of seminal publications since the 1980's.

Prof. Mazzola presented a short sketch of his theoretical project in a youtube video posted in 2014. Here he says:"Music is like a dancer. It moves continuously and touches the stage floor in discrete points. The musical score represents the discrete trace, while gestures represent the continuous perspective . Correspondingly, a mathematical theory of music needs two approaches: a discrete, and a continuous one. The discrete approach is algebraic. It is framed by the topos of presheaves over the category of modules. It comprises models of harmony, counterpoint, rhythm or melody, and it presents classification theorems of local and global musical structures. Alexander Grothendieck called this the Mathematics of the New Age. The continuous approach works with gestures in the topos of presheaves over topological categories and uses algebraic topology, differential geometry, and homological algebra. It describes musical performance and gestural creativity and complies with Yuri Manin's vision of new foundations of mathematics built upon homotopy categories."(quote youtube). 

For a first information you can find the documentation of a 2014 talk by Mazzola called  Melting Glass Beads—The Multiverse Game of Strings and Gestures and two videos that show Mazzola as a perfoming artist below. More about Mazzola's concepts and publications you will find in his version of THE 45SIS published tomorrow. THE 45SIS is a Sound-Art Questionnaire developed by me in 2016 for leading artists only. It is an acronym for 45 sentences, infinite sounds. It consists of 45 sentence to be completed. 

So please put this on your planned chores for tomorrow. And trigger your ears for this immense inventor today ! Cordial thanks, Prof. Mazzola ! [SKG]

Guerino Mazzola - The Multiverse Game of Strings and Gestures  (04.25.2014)

Heinz Geisser (perc) & Guerino Mazzola (piano) - Duo Concert 
At the Improvising Brain conference at GSU, 
Atlanta, March 8, 2015.

Guerino Mazzola and Corebounce - The Pianist's Brain Waves (2002)
Musik - Denken - Spielen, School of Music, Drama and Dance, Zurich, Switzerland, 2002. Guerino Mazzola's free jazz improvisation over a motif of Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" was accompanied by an expressive live visuals interpretation. However, instead of music analysis we used an EEG (Electroencephalogram) to sense Mazzola's brain waves in real-time and exploited the information for spatial distributions and movements of geometric shapes and for different color modulations.

Antony Gormley, Rhizome I (1998)