Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trailer and Sounds of the Day #81/2017: Free Fire / Tulketh (1) / Vargdöd (1) / Joshua Abrams (3) / 1982 (1) / Jeff Parker (1)

Ben Wheatley - Free Fire (2017)


 Tulketh - General Waste (2017)
Recorded live in June 2016 with no overdubs, using 3 x synthesizers and 1 x drum machine, Tulketh (Aka Stephen James Buckley) has produced 9 tracks of unabridged 4/4 dark joy. Bringing to mind anything from Jeff Mills, Robert Hood to classic mid 90's warehouse styled acid mixed with VHS Video Nasty analogue electronics.Those familiar with Buckley's other work as Polypores (releasing arguably one of 2016's album highlights 'The Fialka Transmissions' on Polytechnic Youth) will not be disappointed with the direction he has taken as Tulketh. Although a much harder sound , it still contains the trademark dissonance and haunted melodies. Bleak, grey and broken.

VargdödBrutal Discipline (2017)

Joshua AbramsNatural Information (2017)

Joshua Abrams - Magnetoception (2015/17)

1982Nothing but Sounds (2017)

Nothing but Sounds is an experimental Album recorded by Charles Derenne ( 1982 & Melody Syndrome ) for meditation, yoga training, or walking. Derenne created this particular album with Analog Synths and Audio recording including sounds in space or silent room and backward orchestra. The notes and frequencies associated aim to create an effect of relaxation and wellness to the listeners. Nothing but Sounds album is a perfect cure. Nothing but Sounds by 1982 . Charles Derenne © 2017

Jeff Parker - Slight Freedom (2016)