Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sounds of the Day #106/2017: My Inhaled books #51 // Faka (1), Tobias Hellkvist (2), Julien Bayle (3,4,5), Mya Gomez (1), Pan Daijing (1) / Sami Baha (1) / Siete Catorce (1,2,3), Daniel Higgs(7,8)

My Inhaled books #51
Juan de la Cruz - Die dunkle Nacht
Kruzifix, nochmal since the late 1980's

Faka - Bottoms Revenge (2017)

Tobias Hellkvist24th Impulse (2017)

Julien BayleVoid propagate (2016)

void propagate is a sound representation of the amplification of infinitesimal. It addresses the idea of the imperceptible. Designed by using a single eurorack module named ErbeVerb designed by MakeNoise and Tom Erbe with a single flying jack cable plugged at the input connector, void propagate figures the electrical amplification & resonance of static electricity and very small voltages variations by this circuit. The artist manipulates the module parameters manually in order to keep the sound level audible and to make resonances & spectral content evolving all along each of these 3 tracks as if he wanted to make the imperceptible more tangible, as if he wanted to compensate the lack of signal, the lack of informations. void propagate is related to the artist's work about interferences, small & subtle electrical artifacts, silence & physics of sound. [Label info]

Julien Bayle - Interstices (2016)
interstices is a live performance made using only hardware modular eurorack system. Recorded at his own studio in Marseille France, Julien Bayle explores sound structures during the entire 45 minutes of the 'live' improvised performance. He starts with textures that remind us of early ambient & noise works and progressively injects different matters into them by creating tiny & large holes in the sound itself...the piece draws from these different types of holes and different types of interstices. [Label info]

Julien Bayle - Parasites Compressor Live (2016)
This live recording is the real first one done from silence to silence, I mean: by building the logic behind the system completely from scratch and by pulling out the audio cable at the end for finishing. Exploring improvisation with modular synthesizers, I’m trying to build rhythmic structures by using unusual methods. For instance, I’m not really interested in a global master clock driving all my modules related to a particular pattern. I’d prefer to use uncanny ways like : using two low-frequency oscillators (LFO) and check where they cross themselves to generate triggers. This is a powerful source for creating very strange linear and non-linear musical structures. It also provides a very nice way of control; this is not “just” controlling a tempo, but controlling the resulting tempo (which is changing cyclically) by controlling LFO’s frequencies. I used this to work with electric parasites here. I used some specific machines able to “listen”to electric noise in the machines and I amplified them, and used a compressor with make-up for magnifying them. Indeed, Parasites Compressor live is properly related to the concept of organizing the chaos by filtering, by recycling and by compressing. /// There are about 4 moments in this live performance. Each one of them has its own characters. All have been recorded in one shot, live, without any automation and from scratch, which means, with no modules already connected at the beginning. [Julien Bayle]

Mya Gomez - Inmate (2016)

INMATE is my personal exploration of carceral oppression in English detention centres. inspired by looking introspectively to my teenage, indie years where I felt safe and familiar, and by looking into my recent experiences, for the martial, repetitive rhythms that mimic the routine of Colnbrooke and Yarlswood. INMATE is a synthesis of my traumas, past and present. [Mya Gomez]

Pan Daijing - Sex & Disease (2015)

Sami Baha - Mavericks (2016)

Siete Catorce - 20/04 (2017)

 Siete Catorce - Ep 3 (2016)

 Siete Catorce, Dokúo α β γ  (2015)

Daniel Higgs -  VIV (2015)

Daniel Higgs - Beyond and Between (2011)