Monday, April 24, 2017

Sounds of the Day #107/2017: Emptyset (5), Roly Porter (3), Helm (5), Death Qualia (1), Paul Jebanasam(2), Sote (1,2,3)

Emptyset - Material (2017)

Material takes the form of a triptych release documenting three site-specific installations and recordings developed by emptyset throughout winter 2012. The project spans three locations: a decommissioned nuclear power station in Snowdonia, a vast concrete testing bunker below central London and a 22 mile medieval mine tunneled into the earth beneath Kent. The recordings further the work developed through the release Medium, exploring the relationship between space and the fundamental properties of sound, applying extreme bass, noise and feedback as means of extracting the essence and sonic signature of these unique sites. Across the recordings there is a focus on the nature of sonic decay, as each space imparts its signature reverberant characteristics to the signal, ranging from detailed noise reflecting across sheer concrete surfaces to low frequency sonics tunneling through subterranean earth. Collectively the recordings provide an immersive document of these three locations, crafting a unified exploration of structure, material and sound. ///The release is comprised of a recording from within the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in North Wales, a former uranium reactor site currently being decommissioned, with the interior recording forming the soundtrack to a film installation for Tate Britain. Alongside this is an excerpt from a sound installation commissioned by the Architecture Foundation at Ambika P3, the former concrete testing bunker below Baker Street in London, known for extreme testing of sections of the Channel Tunnel and British motorway. Then finally there is a piece recorded within Chislehurst mine, a 22 mile tunnel network carved into the earth through chalk and flint extraction that spanned from the middle ages up to the early 1800's.  ////Material emerges as meeting point of these three sites, providing a sonic narrative that links the locations, whilst forming a wider exploration into themes of architecture, industry and recursion.[Emptyset Info]

Roly Porter - Life Cycle of a Massive Star (2017)

Helm - Rawabet (2017)

(Label info): Rawabet is a live album from Helm documenting a special performance that took place on a bill with Maurice Louca in front of a sold-out audience at the Rawabet Theatre in Cairo on October 22nd, 2015. It's also a snapshot of a period of pan-continental touring which took Helm from Egypt to Austria and then to Canada in three days. During these shows material from his recently released Olympic Mess album was re-imagined, expanded and performed alongside new and "other" material to add an alternative perspective to the original recordings. What ended up being performed in Cairo that night owed a lot to the energy of the city and thanks to a superb recording and mixing job by Khyam Allami, Rawabet can be seen as the definitive live document of Helm to date. Live at Rawabet Theatre, Cairo, Egypt, 22 October 2015 Recorded & Mixed by Khyam Allami

Death Qualia - Intention Versus (2017)

Paul Jebanasam{ PILLARS } Binaural ver. (2016)

Sote -Arrythmia(2016)

Sote - Architectonic (2014)

Sote - Hyper Urban (2016)