Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sounds of the Day #110/2017: Coppice (8), Sirio Gry J (1), Lux Kablage(1), Nostilevo Spring 2017, Phil Julian (1,2,3,4,5)

Coppice - Preamble to Newly Cemented Dedication to Freedom (2017)
"Sensual music for a folding world in which songs are directions to look.” Games of Impossible Objects & Binary Clocks in preparation for virtual worlds in real spaces. Physical modeling synthesis, modular synthesizers, and custom built devices. (Label Info)

Sirio Gry J - Agony (2017)

Sirio Gry J - Three Laws of Robotics (2015)


Lux Kablage - OOSSOO (2017)

Nostilevo - Spring Batch Time 2017

Phil Julian - The Great Hall / Fylkingen (2012/23 - 2016)

Phil Julian Blippoo EP  (2016)
7 x tracks recorded using a solo Blippoo Box, a musical instrument / sound generator designed and built by Rob Hordijk whose internal operations are based on the principles of chaos theory. Recorded 2014. No additional effects, edited for length only.

Phil Julian Waveset / Counterbalance  (2014)
Various improvised recordings made in London, 2013/2014 
(Serge modular synthesiser, Cracklebox, computer)

Phil Julian Atlas  (2014)

Phil Julian York 17/08/2012  (2013)

Recorded in The Rymer Auditorium at the Music Research Centre, York University 17th August 2012 using two EMS VCS3 synthesisers. Recorded directly to computer HD, edited for length & re-sequenced, no other instrumentation used.

Phil Julian Location +  (2011)
Computer algorithms processed using natural phenomena. Natural phenomena processed using computer algorithms /A2 /Computer-generated sinewaves were recorded and then played back into a naturally reverberant room using a stereo speaker arrangement. The resulting room sound + original playback were mixed, recorded and then electronically treated. Computer-generated attenuated white noise, recorded then played back outside over a stereo speaker arrangement. Speaker playback + naturally occurring sounds were mixed and re-recorded. /B3 /Recording made outdoors. Naturally occurring sounds + electromagnetic output from a laptop computer played back into itself, mixed and processed in real-time using FLOSS software under GNU/Linux.