Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sounds of the Day #92/2017: Bernard Stiegler (40), Morten Rasz (1) / Ziúr (1,2) / Tomás Urquieta (1) / Jez riley french (5,6,7,8)

Bernard Stiegler - The Pharmacology of Mind Digital Technologies and the Conditional University (2013)

Morten Rasz - Void Chimes (2015)

Ziúr - Deeform (2016)

Ziúr Taiga EP (2016)

Tomás UrquietaLa Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo (2016)

Jez riley French - Stereo lab (2016)

Jez riley french - beam charcoal (2014)
these four recordings are of trees and hedge branches - standing, fallen, cut and turning to charcoal. for me there are indeed connections between field recording and photography - some are obvious of course, but mostly they are personal. Choosing images for the artwork of a release is, as far as i’m concerned, part of the compositional process. In this instance the image, taken by my daughter, Pheobe riley Law, inspired me to collect together these recordings of trees and branches recorded over the past few years. 

Jez riley french - room tone (2014)

Jez riley french - the bright work # 2 | still on the littoral (2014)

Jez riley french sur le dessous à l'intérieur (2014)

Jez riley french a quiet position emplacement (2013)

Listen with headphones, please !