Friday, May 5, 2017

Sounds of the Day #117/2017: Khaki Blazer (2), Powell (1), Cristian Vogel (1,2) / The Sly and the Unseen (1,2,3,4)

Khaki Blazer - Coca Nara Deezer (2016)

Powell - 11-14 (2016)

Powell - Club Music (2016)

Powell - Body Music (2016)

Powell - The Ongoing Significance Of Steel & Flesh (2016)

Cristian Vogel - The Assistenz (2016)

Cristian Vogel Polyphonic Beings (2014)
In his 1972 lecture entitled "Four Criteria of Electronic Music", the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen touches on a compelling idea. When we hear music, we are modified on levels we are not able to perceive - he refers to the "atomic layers of ourselves". It struck me that if indeed we are embodying music so deeply into ourselves, then surely we begin to resemble that music - in some sense, we become what we hear. It is with this idea that "Eselsbrücke", my previous album, came to a close and now "Polyphonic Beings" begins. Let's say that we are what we hear. I propose then, that we expose our cells to the wildest music quality, to the deepest transformations. I have faith that this music can be abundant and that it opens up new ways of being which are unimaginable without having heard it. One of the greatest qualities of music is its empathy, its fundamental outwardness. Through the process of listening, its healing intelligence is transferred into us all. Freedom is the basic condition for the continuing revelation of this music, in whatever forms it decides to manifest. As an artist, I strive everyday to be mindful and accepting of the alien styles music can explore and I work with whatever techniques are best suited for capturing it as transmittable sound energy. If I am successful, that energy transforms and transfers itself through its own channels (regardless of what the music busi- ness thinks!). So with much love and gratitude, I am proud to present my latest music release – »Polyphonic Beings« - it takes the form of studio recordings which I put together over the last 12 months at various loca- tions around the world. I am thankful to all those who have helped and guided me. Enjoy what this music brings to you. - Cristian Vogel (Copenhagen 2014). 

The Sly and Unseen - The Crossley Heritage (2016)

The Sly and Unseen - The Crossley Heritage (2014)

The Sly and Unseen - Summer Passes (2014)

The Sly and Unseen - Improbable (2014)