Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sounds of the Day #125/2017: Chino Amobi (8), Bonaventure(1), Yves De Mey (6), K. Reinshagen (1), Khaki Blazer (2), Diego Lanza(1), Paul Lytton (1) / Gianluca Favaron (1,2) / Yasuhiro Morinaga (1) / @c (1)

Chino Amobi - Paradiso (2017)

Bonaventure - Free Lutangu (2017)

Yves De MeyLoyal Subjectivity (2017)

K. Reinshagen - Dominati Symbols (2017)

Khaki BlazerDidn't Have To Cut (2017)

Diego Lanza - Scopes (2017)
[INFO] Meaning of “scope”: a) Space or opportunity for unhampered motion, activity, or thought, b) To look at or over; examine . c) Extent, limit or range of view, outlook, etc. The concept of this work is to express abstract thoughts and ideas with sound, image and words, and to reflect a dynamic interaction between these mediums through free association. The pieces are manifested in free musical notation, graphics, texts and visual art. The player must rely on the drawings for visual stimuli and should try to create a sonic subjective equivalent of them. The player must try to create a subjective sonic equivalent of each drawing, using the scores as creative platform. The player may use any pedal effect and gear as desired, in function of each individual piece. Once the particular indications of each Scope are understood, the player may freely improvise and create a space of their own. “ the place of a space interwoven by a person with consciousness, is formed a space interwoven by the subconscious.” - Walter Benjamin

Paul Lytton - "?" "!" (2015/17)

Gianluca Favaron  - Blank Spaces (I Don't Want To Be Happy)  (2017)

Gianluca Favaron - Inner Sky (2012)

Yasuhiro MorinagaSceneries from the Castellated Wall (2012)

@cRe:Fujaco (2012)