Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sounds of the Day #126/2017: Nate Wooley

Anish Kapoor - Pouch (2016)

Dear Readers,

today's Sounds of the Day prepare you for the posting of Nate Wooley's version of THE 45SIS tomorrow. Nate Wooley is simply my favorite trumpet player on this planet. 

(A) Solo Works

Nate Wooley - Complete Syllable Music (2017)
"Four discs of solo experimentation from American trumpet conceptualist Nate Wooley, which represent the full history of his radical "Syllables" solo music, which replaces the standard technique of the trumpet with the mechanics of producing speech.

Nate Wooley - 9-syllables (2013)

Nate Wooley - Trumpet/Amplifier (2010)

(B)Duets, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, Sextets

Nate Wooley, Peter Evans - Polychoral  (2016)
8 Channel installation prepared by Nate Wooley 2015 for Knockdown Center’s Auditorium Series Performed live April 12, 2015

Nate Wooley & Kevin Vandermark - All Directions Home (2015)

Nate Wooley & Kevin Vandermark - East by Northwest (2015)

Chris Forsyth & Nate Wooley - Third (2014)

Chris Corsano, Sylvie Courvoisier, Nate Wooley Salt Task (2016)

 Jeremiah Cymerman, Evan Parker, Nate Wooley -World of Objects (2014)

Nate Wooley, Fred Lonberg-Holm & Jason Roebke Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing (2009/2017)

Shelter - Shelter (2017)
Steve Heather: drums & crackle box 
Jasper Stadhouders: electric bass & guitar 
Ken Vandermark: reeds Nate Wooley: trumpet

 Nate Wooley Quintet - (Put Your) Hands Together (2017)
Bass Clarinet – Josh Sinton 
Double Bass – Eivind Opsvik 
Drums – Harris Eisenstadt 
Trumpet – Nate Wooley 
Vibraphone – Matt Moran

Nate Wooley  Battle Pieces (2017)
Piano – Sylvie Courvoisier
Saxophone – Ingrid Laubrock
Trumpet – Nate Wooley
Vibraphone – Matt Moran

Nate Wooley - Argonautica (2016)
Argonautica is a sonic analog to the epic poem of the same name. Built in three parts, or chapters, the music makes oblique reference to dodecaphony, ambient tape music, and the driving minimalist rock of Terry Riley. It was conceived and written as a tribute to Wooley’s mentor Ron Miles, who plays the lyrical cornet role to the leader’s more caustic trumpet voice. The rhythm section is equally balanced with Grammy award winning new music pianist Cory Smythe in tandem with Belgian Fender-Rhodes legend Jozef Dumoulin and the brash upstart free jazz drumming of Devin Gray interlocking with the fiery precision of Rudy Royston. The group is compositionally set in different duos and trios, working together and separately throughout the fifty-plus minutes of music to slowly build to a shattering climax that raises the question of what jazz-rock can be in the twenty-first century.  Personnel: Nate Wooley: Trumpet , Ron Miles: Cornet , Cory Smythe: Piano , Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes and Electronics , Devin Gray: Drums , Rudy Royston: Drums. Music by Nate Wooley

Nate Wooley Sextet - (Sit In) The Throne Of Friendship  (2012/2017)
Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone – Josh Sinton
Double Bass – Eivind Opsvik
Drums – Harris Eisenstadt
Trumpet, Producer – Nate Wooley
Tuba – Dan Peck
Vibraphone – Matt Moran

(C) Seven Storey Mountain

Nate Wooley - Seven Storey Mountain III/IV (2016)
A double disc set featuring two live performances from Brooklyn's Issue Project Room in 2010 and 2012. This continues the series of recordings released over the past five years on Important Records of Wooley's long form electro-acoustic work and features, alongside the composer on trumpet and amplifier, such leading lights of the experimental music scene. SSMIII was commissioned while Wooley was in residence at Issue Project Room in 2010 and portions of SSMIV were commissioned for Phillip Glass' birthday celebration and the Festival of New Trumpet in 2012. This is the first recording of both in their entirety, and has been released in a limited edition of 500 copies with art by C. Spencer Yeh. Featuring: Nate Wooley, C. Spencer Yeh, Ben Vida, David Grubbs, Chris Corsano, Paul Lytton, Ryan Sawyer, Chris Dingman, Matt Moran, and the TILT Brass Ensemble!

  Nate Wooley - Seven Storey Mountain V (2016)
Seven Storey Mountain V is the fifth of seven evening length works that began with a Festival of New Trumpet commission in 2007. Recorded live at Abrons Art Center in New York City as part of the 2015 Tectonics NY festival, SSMV continues Wooley’s idea of creating an ecstatic and communal music that is non-religious and non-genre based. The massive collective group includes international stars from the jazz, new music, electronic, and noise worlds–working together to realize Wooley’s singular musical vision. The group, which is the largest to date, features Wooley on amplified trumpet alongside C. Spencer Yeh and Samara Lubelski on amplified violins, Ben Vida on electronics, Ben Hall and Ryan Sawyer on percussion, Chris Dingman and Matt Moran on vibraphone, Colin Stetson, Josh Sinton, and Dan Peck on amplified reeds and brass, and the TILT Brass octet (Chris McIntyre, Gareth Flowers, Mike Gurfeld, Tim Leopold, Will Lang, Matt Melore, Jen Baker, and James Roger). Recorded May 9, 2015 at Abrons Art Center, presented by Tectonics NY/Issue Project Room, NYC

(D) Live Performance Videos

Pascal Niggenkemper, Nate Wooley, Carlo Costa  - NYC 3/13/2017

Joe Morris, Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark, Agusti Fernandez at the Stone -NYC Jan 17 2013

Joe Morris, Ken Vandermark, Nate Wooley, Agusti Fernandez, Pascal Niggenkemper, Ben Hall - at the Stone -NYC Jan 17 2013

Nate Wooley Quartet - at Rye Bar, Brooklyn - July 20 2016

Joe Morris & Nate Wooley - at IBEAM, Brooklyn - November 5 2016

Nate Wooley - Polychoral for trumpets and 8-channel audio(2015)

Nate Wooley - For Kenneth Gaburo (2015)

Nate Wooley - Solo @ Park Church Co-op 11-29-16

Nate Wooley - "Seven Storey Mountain"
@ Issue Project Room, 6-6-13
Chris Corsano (drums)
Ryan Sawyer (drums)
Ben Vida (electronics)
C. Spencer Yeh (violin)
Matt Moran (vibraphone)
Chris Dingman (vibraphone)
TILT Brass sextet. 

(E) Interview

Carlos Pérez Cruz - Interview with Nate Wooley and Ken Vandermark (2017)

Anish Kapoor - Pouch (2016)