Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sounds of the Day #130/2017: New Midnight Circles Batch: Yuma Takeshita, Gregory Talbot, Die Neuen IBM & Pietro Riparbelli's Cathedral Project #1

Yuma Takeshita - Mechanization  (2017)
[Label Info] Yuma Takeshita's "Mechanization" is an electronic improvisation that combines sweeping rhythms, melodic synthesis and randomized sound patterns. Split in two parts, side A features six pieces of improvised computer music while side B collects two live improvisations which feature a self-made electronic-bass as main instrument (constructed by Yuma Takeshita himself) and were recorded separately in Inage and Egota, Japan. Both sides are percussive in nature and rely on the manipulation of sometimes short or sometimes more elaborate patterns of filtered loops and noises. Especially side A creates the illusion of a room full of random machines which release their sounds over and against one another – a clockwork that was set in motion an now plays for itself in a clipped and stuttering language. Both live-improvisations on side B feature Yuma Takeshita's self made electronic-bass as main sound source (you can find pictures of the instrument here: ). The rhythmic patterns in these recordings resemble the patterns on side A but are getting slowly washed away during the performances. The bass-playing itself becomes noticeable from time to time only to be stopped by sudden reappearances of the percussive loops from the beginning.

Gregory Talbot - Recordings On An Empty Stomach (2017)
[Label Info] "Recordings On An Empty Stomach" is a collection of six experimental pieces combining electronics, found sounds and live mixing to a dense succession of often minimalistic compositions. Gregory Talbot uses a stripped-down arrangement of synthesizers and combines them with pitched field-recordings of street scenes, machinery and speaking people. All pieces of this album evolve slowly and take their time and while each track is comprised of only a handful of sounds, they fit well together and create an atmosphere of shifting appearances and decay.

And an older 
Die Neuen IBM

Die Neuen IBM - Herzkreisnegativ (2015)

The new 3 tapes batch by
Midnight Circles
(one of my favorite labels by the way !)

Please bookmark this label (here and here) and take a deeper look into the impressive back catalog containing many gems already featured here from: 
Die Neuen IBM, Chemiefaserwerk, Escape Hatch to Danny Clay and Greg Gorlen and a lot more!


Luis Marte - Buenos Aires Cathedrals (2006)

Pietro Riparbelli- Notre Dame de Paris (2009)

Pietro Riparbelli- Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi (2005)