Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sounds of the Day #132/2017: Conversation with Ken Vandermark (1), Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Marco Franco (1,2), James Ilgenfritz (1,2), Philippe Lauzier (1), Haunted Me (1), Pietro Riparbelli's Cathedral Project #3

Mark Dwyer - Conversation with Ken Vandermark 
(from: feral audio)

 Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Marco Franco - The Attic (2017)

Rodrigo Amado Motion TrioDesire & Freedom (2016)

James Ilgenfritz - Origami Cosmos (2017)
(Label Info) Bassist James Ilgenfritz offers his second solo CD, again exploring the fertile territory between composition and improvisation. Following his debut solo recording Compositions (Braxton) 2011 (dedicated entirely to the music of composer Anthony Braxton), this record features works by four composers who have each contributed to the distinctive musical community in New York over the last few decades. Each composer worked closely with James Ilgenfritz to write music that was a hybrid of their own creative vision and James’s unusual approach to the bass. From hypnotic drone works involving Just Intonation and use of multiple bows to astounding feats of technical virtuosity, this collection of works brings hyper- complexity, improvisation, and lyrical beauty together into a deeply personal tour-de-force of musical invention. Annie Gosfield wrote a piece based on re-arranging James’s unusual vocabulary of extended techniques into a virtuosic hyper-industrial treatise on texture and rhythm. Miya Masaoka wrote a delicate, drone-based work built on sustained harmonics and microtonal tunings. JG Thirlwell (Foteus, Steroid Maximus, Venture Brothers, Archer) created a work that constantly careens from lyricism to ferocity, from precision to frenetic abandon. Elliott Sharp wrote a work that employs unusual bows and objects, from using multiple bows at once to using springs and ball chains to get bizarre, other-worldly textures from the bass.

James Ilgenfritz - Compositions (Braxton) (2011)

 Philippe Lauzier - Dôme (2017)

The first release to reveal Philippe Lauzier’s installation work, DÔME offers two performative compositions that were created with an apparatus made of bells, zithers, motors and a Korg synthesizer. These pieces were played and recorded in 2015 at La Passe, in Montréal. DÔME invites an immersive listening in the density and continuity of the drone – not without proposing a variety of subtleties and atmospheres, at times calm, bewitching, delirious. Saxophonist and clarinetist, Philippe is part of many solo and collective projects in which he explores new instrumental processes, including preparations and electronic devices. He also contributes to interdisciplinary creations that lead him to put his musical language in relation to other forms of expression. In 2014, Philippe was invited to develop an original artwork for the FIMAV sound installation series and created Gritty, which was one of the early stages of the device used for the music of DÔME .

 Haunted MePlague (2017)

Giulio Aldinucci - Cattedrale di Aleksandr Nevskij (Sofia) (2015)

Joseph Sannicandro - Oratoire St. Joseph du Mont-Royal (2015)

Jez Riley French - Notre Dame de la Chapelle, Bruxelles (2012)

Giulio Aldinucci- Abbazia di Sant'Antimo_Siena (2012)