Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sounds of the Day #144/2017: In Memoriam Vito Acconci // Nickolas Mohanna (1), Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci (2,3) , Dag Rosenqvist (1), Cyril Secq / Orla Wren (1)

In Memoriam 

Vito Acconci 

* 24. Januar 1940 - 27. April 2017


Nickolas Mohanna - Chroma (2017)

Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci - Agoraphonia (2016)
A town square is an open public space commonly found in the heart of a traditional town and used for community gatherings. Based on this basic perspective, it is easy to notice how the soundscape of this living center could represent not only sonically, but also from a cultural point of view, a priceless document. After an open call lasted 6 months to send most interesting audio material concerning the theme of the “square” the samples have been selected and reworked in order to create an ideal symphony of all living squares all over the world. After some months a minor open call was done also to obtain photos about the same theme in order to realize a coherent packaging.

Giulio Aldinucci - Aer (2014)
Invisible and intangible air around us is actually similar to the sea, which always varies. And sound is the voice of air, and the impression of the space where it have been heard. The new album by Giulio Aldinucci called "Aer" focuses on the ability of different sounds to communicate and become music. CD comprises seven ductile atmospheric soundscapes produced from complimentary field recordings and software and analogue hardware generated ambient. Аnd the appearance of each track is comparable to the birth of a new universe. This is the case when "listening", "feeling" and "breathing" are synonymous. Digital version of album contains two bonus remixes by Porya Hatami and Ghost and Tape. 

Dag Rosenqvist - Elephant (2016)

Cyril Secq / Orla Wren Branches (2016)
Branches came into being during a long time planned project between Tui (Orla Wren) and Cyril Secq (member of the band Astrïd). Having worked together when Cyril contributed guitar to the Orla Wren's previous albums the idea then formed to do something further and even more collaborative. At the same time, Cyril had recorded many guitar parts, as a 'solo' project, that had never been released. And they were the basis, the bones for Orla to work, completely free. It's a duet between acoustic strings and processing, field recordings, edits and organic arrangements. This music is steadily ramifies, growing out of itself like a wild tree. The tunes woven together and untwine again as a branches shaken by the wind. It sounds focused, calm and distinct. Although everything has been done in distant places (France and Scotland) the result sounds like two musicians experimenting in the same room, sharing their background and culture.