Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sounds of the Day #170/2017: Ian Watson (1), Sim Hutchins (1), Siavash Amini (7), Abby Lee Tee (1), Zuli (1), Lee Gamble (1), Machine Woman (2), Proto (1), Cor.S(1), Kay Hill

Ian Watson - Untitled (2017)
Having well established himself in the UK sonic arts sphere during the course of the last decade, Ian Watson develops custom Hardware/Software and Acoustic/Amplified configurations to generate immersive sonic fields in performance spaces as well as in correlation with his own audio visual work. These studio based recordings are sourced from music box mechanisms which are balanced on sprung steel splines, processed, recorded and looped at slowed speeds with more layers from the same sources applied. The electronics used to create these processes are also mined for their own electromagnetic characteristics which are fed back into the recordings... 

 Sim HutchinsVantablank Stare  (2017)

Siavash Amini - Tar (2017)

Abby Lee Teeriverside burrows (2017)

Zuli - Bionic Ahmed (2016)

Lee Gamble - Chain Kinematics  (2016)

Machine WomanGenau House (2016)

Proto - Vitamin Tracs (2016)

Cor.SCOR.S (2016)

Kay Hill - Tesselation (2015)