Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sounds of the Day #176/2017: Sciahri (1), Xunholm (1), Bruce Ditmas (2), Suzanne Ciani (2), Benjamin Flesser (1), Brgs (1,2), Com Truise (1), False Moniker (2), Death Kneel(1), The New Me, Moss Harvest(1)

Sciahri - Quiet Witness (2017)

Xunholm - New Burning Horizons (2016)

Bruce DitmasYellow Dust  (1977/2016)

Suzanne Ciani - Seven Waves (1982/2016)

Benjamin FlesserFunktionen (2016)
'Funktionen' in author's words: "The main intention of this project was to create systems that can dramatically change their behavior and have no fixed tempo or dynamic and tonal range. The arrangement of synthesizer modules had been developed over long periods of time with a goal to allow a broad range of eventualities and variations to happen but the actual recordings took place as improvisations. Funktionen arose from the question of how to extend or replace the intention of a composer or improviser by mere temporal expressions (infusing banality into a complex system…).”

Brgs - Fragments of the present (2017)

Brgs Auditory contemplation (2017)

Com Truise - Silicon Tare (2016)

False Moniker - The Virility Of Flames  (2016)

Death Kneel - Champagne Everlast (2016)

The New MeGod Field (2016)

Moss Harvest- Emergent Behaviours (2016)