Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sounds of the Day #184/2017: Dinzu Artefacts Summer Batch // Luis Antero (1), Kassel Jaeger (3); Giulio Aldinucci (4), Heroin in Tahiti (1), Everest Magma(1,2), Passed (1)

Dinzu Artefacts 
Summer Batch
3 new tapes !
Don't miss it !

(1) GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION - NAMASTE, JUDASFour surrealist narratives obscured, encoded, abstracted, and projected onto wobbly canvases using loops, field recordings, electronics, found sound, improperly played instruments, and encrypted treatments where very little is what it seems to be.

(2) BOUCHONS D'OREILLES & WOJTEK KUREK - HOKMAH. Electro-acoustic improvisation, free-form percussion and amplified objects.

(3) BRUNO DUPLANT & DAVID VÉLEZ - PRESERVATIONA dense landscape of organic sound coupled with reverberating tones. Composed with samples, analog equipment and found objects.



Luis Antero - 3 Mountains (2017)
(Label Info) The 13 tracks present in this work constitute the basis of 3 Mountains. Monte do Colcurinho, is located at 1244 meters of altitude, being the highest point of the county of Oliveira do Hospital. The Serra da Lousã has in Trevim its highest point, with 1205 meters. Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, with the highest point in the Tower, at a height of 1993 meters. This sound work, based on field recordings, mirrors some of the acoustic heritage of these Portuguese mountain areas. The sound cartography present in 3 Mountains reflects the natural and social dimensions of these places. At Monte do Colcurinho, one can hear the brute force of the existing eolian monsters, driven by the strong wind that is constantly felt there. In the Serra da Lousã, we immersed ourselves in the acoustic heritage of the Talasnal, Vaqueirinho and Cerdeira shist villages. In Serra da Estrela, we heard the strong wind on the way to Covão da Ponte, the dishes of the cattle of Manuel ‘Balote', and, in Casais de Folgosinho, we once again recorded the herd of the sheperd/actor Hermínio. Recording locations - Monte do Colcurinho, Serra da Estrela (Covão da Ponte, Casais de Folgosinho) & Serra da Lousã (Talasnal, Vaqueirinho e Cerdeira)

Kassel Jaeger - Suite Obsidionale (2017)

Giulio Aldinucci - Confini  (2016)

Heroin in Tahiti- Canicola(2016)

Everest MagmaGnosis (2016)

Everest MagmaModern/Antique (2015)

PASSED - Illuminant/Glory (2016)