Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sounds of the Day #189/2017: Dave Burraston: Noyzelab + NYZ (1), Essaie Pas (1), Bob Bellerue (4), The Black Scorpio Underground (1), Alessandro Alessandroni(1), Yorishiro (1), H Takahashi (1), Chihei Hatakeyama (7)

Noyzelab - TTMSubtree (2017)
[Label Info] Noyzelab is one of several active aliases of David Burraston, a synthesist and sonic tinkerer with far too many references to list. All you need to know is that Burraston explores possibilities in not just sound, but also programming, mathematics and nature. His work has taken him all over the world, to do workshops, residencies and mentorships with everyone from Richard D. James to Chris Watson, and led him to issue his recordings with such imprints as Important Records, Taiga and MEDS, among many others. He has graciously agreed to issue some of (what we consider) his very best work at Psoma Psi Phi, and for this occasion, we have furnished Burraston with his very own subcatalog at the label, simply titled NYZ. NYZ releases will exist on both cassette and CD-R formats, depending on the recordings in question, and will be fairly limited physical affairs in conjunction with open editions of "abridged" digital versions. This allows everyone to familiarize themselves with Burraston's work freely, while also rewarding those who support the imprint (by purchasing physical media) with additional and unedited content. For NYZ-I, Burraston gives us TTMSubtree, a 90-minute cassette of wavering tones that shift in and out of focus, playing the frequency spectrum like a sedate keyboard. Over time, these tones gradually grow and recede in their individual voices, overlapping to produce alien forms inside the drone. Aspects of the release become more isolated and still as the recordings play forward, with moments that even sound like metal bells hanging on a telephone wire in an abandoned town, softly blown against each other by the wind. The final 35-minute closing piece is perhaps the most striking of all - a warm gusting breath of a glossy chordal tone, forever cycling through a barely decaying orbit...omnipresent and yet completely abandoned in the same instance. TTMSubtree is a stunning debut release for Psoma Psi Phi, and truly we are honored to have Burraston issuing his work with us. For newcomers, Burraston's work here is recommended for fans of Eliane Radigue, Eleh, Mika Vainio, Richard Chartier and others of their ilk.

NYZ - FLD RCDR (2017)
[Entr'acte Label Info] Real and imaginary field recordings, compiled and synthesized in the 21st Century by David Burraston at Noyzelab. The pieces on this album have been formulated over a period of around five years. The main idea for this album was to make sound pieces that would appear to be a collection or mix of ‘live’ recordings. FLD RCRDST::On Walden Snow and FLD RCRDST::FM80PcellorgNSW are both real field recordings which also mix studio recordings of Cellular Automata playing and sequencing synthesizers/effects units. CPM DRNL is a completely artificial simulation of an imaginary space, again with Cellular Automata taking on the duties of synth-playing and effects modification. Lindisfarne Refuge Hut is a complete, real field recording with nothing added, the only one on this album.

NYZ - MCRTNL (2017)
[Entr'acte Label Info] A series of micro- and macrotonal generative compositions: recorded, compiled and synthesized in the 21st Century by David Burraston at Noyzelab. This is a collection of pieces designed to take you away from the world of 12-tone equal without getting bogged down in any deep, confusing theories about anything whatsoever. A pure and simple intuitive exploration of mini sound worlds using a variety of different hardware synthesizers, encompassing technologies such as modulation synthesis (FM etc.) and sample playback (ancient ROMplers). Everything on this album has been sequenced using my Cellular Automata hardware systems for generating note and control data, as well as altering the tuning of individual notes or generating complete tuning tables in some cases.

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Essaie Pas - Demain est une autre nuit  (2017)

Bob BellerueButcher's Broom (2016)

 The Black Scorpio Underground Necrochasm (2016)

 Alessandro AlessandroniCARATTERISTICI VARI  (1976/1979 - reissue 2016)

Yorishiro - I (2016)

H TakahashiBody Trip (2016)

Chihei HatakeyamaYou're still in it (2015)