Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sounds of the Day #194/2017: Rose Buried In Sand (1), Artem Spar (1), Crank Sturgeon(3), roger mpr (1), Victoria Alessi (1), Gipsy Future (1), Agitation Phi (1), Chang Park (1)

Rose Buried In Sand - Dissolving Tape (2017)

Artem Spar - KW 13-15 (2017)

Crank Sturgeon Forging Hay (2017)

 roger mprunproductive muzak (2017)
"unproductive muzak" is about sound as a means of domination and alienation. Here, roger mpr, who also runs the distro, builds tracks from collages of samples extracted from muzak cds. These cds were all produced to provide sonic landscapes to companies for their PR or even in the workplace. Sound becomes a subtle asset to productivity. This is not vaporwave, or if it is, it is vaporwave at its extreme limit. There is no place for nostalgia nor for a certain complacency for the 90s dot com bubble. The idea is just to displace these sounds from their original uses. To stop them from working. With heavy digital treatment and tape loop dirtyness, roger mpr deconstructs these sounds and tries to open a breach by which nightmares can invade the tall glass buildings of corporate soundframes. It is a call to rethink a new politics of the glitch: to see it not only as a superficial scratching of an all too codified aesthetic, but also as a going deep into the structures of corporate aesthetics in order to inject a weird and disruptive virus. This is an attempt to give a contemporary soundtrack to Bartleby's "I would prefer not to".

Victoria Alessi - Secret(2016

Gipsy Future (2016)

Agitation Phi - Radical Trinity (2016)

Chang Park - Archetype (2016)