Monday, August 31, 2015

STONES and SEASONS #7 / Jean-Baptiste Fressoz (1)

(Never forget 
the positive anti-energies 
of pure nothingness
when it is unrelated to being.)

Photo by SKG.

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz
"Peut-on parler d'Anthropocène ?"


Monday, August 24, 2015

Sounds of the Day #6/2015: Coppice (1/2/3/4/5)

Coppice - Cores / Eruct (2015)

Coppice -  Bypass Ideal (2013/2015)

 Coppice - Vantage / Cordoned (2014)

Coppice - Vinculum (Coincidence​)​: 
Indexed Conjectures of Coincidence Imprints Once Happened (2014)

Coppice - Compound (2013)

Visit the blog and the facebook
of these two fanstastic minimalists !

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sounds of the Day #5/2015: Jim Haynes (1) / Gesis (1/2/3/4)

Jim Haynes

Plus the minimalism 0f
"Gesis" -
a project by
Julien Skrobek
All releases 2015.

Gesis - I  (2015)

Gesis - Untitled (2015)

Gesis - DNK (2015)

Gesis - DNK-2 (2015)

the blog HERE

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thoughts of the Day #17/2015: Pierre Schaeffer (2) / Cosmetics (1)

Pierre Schaeffer

"Dans le sens du faire ou même de l'analyse sonore, le magnétophone est un outil de laboratoire ou de lutherie. Il travaille au niveau élémentaire, mettons celui des objets. Dans le sens de l'entendre, le magnétophone devient un outil à préparer l'oreille, à lui ménager un écran, à lui créer des chocs, à lui lever des masques. Le magnétophone, pas plus d'ailleurs qu'aucun appareil acoustique, ne peut dispenser d'un travail de pensée sur l'écoute, mais il en prépare les voies par de nouveaux contextes."

- Pierre Schaeffer, Traité

Plus some cool minimal wave sounds
close to Chris and Cosey 
or The Human League
by Cosmetics
"Olympia ... plus" 
Early Stuff 2010-2013 
An Anthology released in 2014

Friday, August 21, 2015

Cloud #52/2013 / James Killick's Flood (1/2) / Tom Carter & Pat Murano (7)

Do the clouds really belong 
to the planes in the sky ?

this new HNW-project 
by James Killick
called "Flood"

Flood, One
60 min in two parts
August 2015

Flood, Two
a multi-hour wall in eight parts
soon out as limited 8 CD-r-set
August 2015

Plus this new gem by
Tom Carter and Pat Murano
called "Kawnyarna"
on Dub Ditch Picnic

New York psych mavericks Tom Carter (Charalambides//Sarin Smoke) & Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band//Decimus) have teamed up to create some of the most amazing stuff I've heard in years ... super stoked to be releasing music by two folks I've been listening too for a long long time. released 01 June 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Video of the Day #21/2015: Arrington de Dionyso (7)

Arrington de Dionyso
(source/copyright: Arrington de Dionyso)

Dear Readers,

today it is time for one of my all time favorites musicians on this planet: Arrington de Dionyso. This is a track "Kerasukan"  from the breathtakingly good album "Suara Naga" (2011): 

"Suara Naga is a pleasant balm for any creative spirit.

By "pleasant", I mean incendiary.

By "balm", I mean Cro-Magnon regressive.

By "any", I mean freaks only.

By "creative", I mean dangerous.

And by "spirit" I mean the flames of Hell and the flowers of Eden entine upon the nuptial sofas of pleasure.

By "spirit", I mean wearing grooves in the floor boards of your dirty mind.

By "spirit", I mean that part of you that either heeds the call or gets destroyed.

By "spirit", I mean this force coursing through your corporeal privates.

By "spirit", I mean a mystical draft.

By "spirit", I mean fermented juice.

By "spirit", I mean a sharpened stick rammed through an animal.

By "spirit", I mean you really don't need any more music, this one alone will do.

By "spirit", I mean a catalyst for your art.

By "spirit", I mean, SPIRIT!"

- Arrington de Dionyso


P.S. Dear copyright owner, if you don't want to see your photo in this context, please contact me and the photo will instantly be removed ! Thanks a lot ! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Listening (46): Snails sticking on a wall / .es and sara (8)

Photo SKG

Plus these new two really impressive 2015 
releases by sara and .es

Artist: sara - 
Title: Tinctura
Recorded Live at Gallery Nomart, Osaka, December 6, 2014
Media: CD
Year: 2015.7
Time: 53min. 18sec.


Artist: .es / dot es
Media: CD
Year: 2015.7
Time: 50min. 26sec.

These are the two new releases entitled "Tinctura" and "Senses Complex" by one of my most admired japanese freestylers, multi-instrumentalists or impro-groups called .es and their member/pianist Sara. Listening here is again like time- and style-travelling. It's freestyling and freestyling at once. Never bound by the laws of gravity. These musicians are travelling through time and space rearticulating the complex vocabulary and interactive forms of modern music, freestyle improvisations and percussive eruptions sometimes tamed or bridged  by folkloristic rhythms. 

On  "Tinctura" (2015) - her first pianist leader album - Sara poetically rearticulates all aural forces and interactive possibilities of the modern piano from its reinvention as a solo instrument or countervoice in german Romanticism from (for example) Beethoven, to Schubert and Schumann, up to John Cage's Prepared piano, Xenakis' stochastic piano mists and Morton Feldman's chord-skeletons surrounded by several virtuosos of saxophon- (Takayuki Hashimoto), cello- (Kiyo Satani), guitar- (Makoto Kawabata, Acid Mothers Temple) and percussion-vocabulary (Yung Tsubotai, EP-4). Please follow her playful and challenging journey through the interactive possibilities of the piano in reverse order from combinations with cello, guitar, saxophon, voice thinned out "down" to piano solo on the last track of "Tinctura". 

On  the second 2015-release of the .es-moniker (Sara and Takayuki Hashimoto) called "Senses complex" you can follow one of the most interesting piano-sax-duos around today reshuffling, remapping and reconsidering the possibilities of this instrumental pairing. For me these two releases are already two of the most interesting releases in this field this year – it's a firework of intellectual brilliance, poetical soundscaping, artistical truthfulness and integrity: always challenging and opening new horizons for free improvisations – reinscribing the classical avantgarde vocabulary contaminated by classical ideas of composition into state of the art freeform-improvisational-form and non-forms. [SKG]

Here you can listen to 
these really gifted musicians ...
Please support these musicians 



Senses Complex

Senses Complex

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thoughts of the Day #16/2015: Pierre Schaeffer (1)

Pierre Schaeffer 

"L'activité instrumentale, cause visible et première de tout phénomène musical, a ceci de particulier qu'elle tend avant tout à s'annuler comme cause matérielle. Et cela de deux manières: La répétition du même phénomène causal, par saturation du signal (...) La variation, au sein de la répétition causale, de quelque chose perceptible ..."

- Pierre Schaeffer, Traité

Monday, August 17, 2015

Video of the Day #123/2015: Gilles Deleuze (22) / Bernard Stiegler (13, 14, 15, 16, 17)

Gilles Deleuze sur Leibniz (1987)

Bernard Stiegler 

"Economie libidinale et économie politique"
Conférence Isègoria 2012

Transition et Valeur
Conférence 2012

From Neuropower to Noopolitics.
On Networking and Transindivuation.

La société automatique (2014)

Pharmacologie de la contribution (2014)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Video of the Day #122/2015: Wolfgang Rihm (1,2,3,4)

Wolfgang Rihm
Stringquartet No.10

Wolfgang Rihm
Stringquartet No.4

Wolfgang Rihm

Wolfgang Rihm
Gejagte Form

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Video of the Day #121/2015: Helene Cixous (12) / Bernard Stiegler (34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39)

Helene Cixous

Bernard Stiegler

About a Philosophy of the Automata and Automaticity

Automatismes et désautomatismes (2014)

Sur son livre "Etats de chocs" (2013)

Comment combattre la bêtise (2013)

Wang Hui and Bernard Stiegler sur 
Geopolitics and Modernity in China and Europe (2013)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Video of the Day #120/2015: Galina Ustvolskaya (1, 2, 3)

Galina Ustvolskaya
Composition No.1: Dona nobis pacem

Galina Ustvolskaya
Composition No.2

Galina Ustvolskaya
Composition No.3

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Videos of the Day #124/2015: Pandit Pran Nath (8) / Bernard Stiegler (33)

Pandit Pran Nath - Raga Punjabi Berva

Plus this 6 hour + lecture
by Bernard Stiegler
"An Introduction to Poststructuralism"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sounds of the Day #43/2015: Raajmahal (2)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Video of the Day #116/2015: Bernard Stiegler (11, 12)

Ars Industrialis Video
with Bernard Stiegler et autres

Bernard Stiegler - Die Aufklärung
Keynote lecture 2012

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Clouds #38/2015 / Bernard Stiegler (10 a, b ,c, d, e)

Are clouds like texts ?
Always emerging -
Always changing -
are sadly always included,
but they are still destructible.

Bernard Stiegler
about the "pharmakon"
Seminaire 2015, Séance 1-5

Séance 1

Séance 2

Séance 3

Séance 4

Séance 5

Friday, August 7, 2015

Video of the Day #114B/2015: Wolfgang Rihm (1) /bpnichol (1/2)

Wolfgang Rihm 

Plus some "concrete poetry"
by the canadian poet 
bpnichol (1944-1988)