Sunday, December 21, 2014

Video of the Day #185/2014: Jean-Luc Marion (9) / Porya Hatami (4) /

Jean-Luc Marion - 
The Aporia of Revelation:
The Epistemological Interpretation
Gifford Lectures
Glasgow 2014

the aural twins
Porya Hatami
this time with 
Lee Anthony Norris
on "Every day feels like a new drug"
October 2013 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Video of the Day #188/2014: Fynsk / Blanchot (4) / Anatomy of Habit (1) / La Morte Young (3)

Christopher Fynsk
Blanchot's Madness of the Day, Death, Sovereignty 
and Refusal of the Order

Anatomy of Habit
"Ciphers + Axioms"
released in November 2014
pre-order now

ANATOMY OF HABIT’S Relapse debut ‘Ciphers + Axioms’ is an intensely terrifying tranced-out post-metal noise-rock masterpiece. Fronted by noise icon Mark Solotoroff (Bloodyminded) ANATOMY OF HABIT is rounded out by an all-star big band featuring legendary drummer John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Gastr Del Sol, etc), Will Lindsay (Indian, Wolves In The Throne Room, etc) on guitar, Theo Katsaounis (Joan Of Arc) on percussion and Kenny Rasmussen (ex-Radar Eyes) on bass more. Solotoroff leads the band through 2 twenty+ minute epic songs of tensely monolithic walls of guitar and percussion with his baritone vocal poetics. With ‘Ciphers + Axioms’ ANATOMY OF HABIT take their place amongst Swans and Neurosis as being one of the most unique and truly gifted post-metal heavy music bands of all time.

credits releases 10 November 2014

Plus the newest
La Morte Young
on Death Carnival Records
(released X/2014) 
Edition of 50

Friday, December 19, 2014

Video of the Day #184B/2014: Katsuyoshi Kou (2) / Porya Hatami (3) / Jean-Luc Marion (8A/B/C)

Katsuyoshi Kou

Porya Hatami's
released in October 2014

Jean-Luc Marion's seminar
following his Gifford Lectures 2014
Questions of Revelation I-III


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Video of the Day #186/2014: Fynsk / Blanchot (3) / Runhild Gammelsaeter & Lasse Marhaug

Christopher Fynsk
Blanchot, Language, Negation, Dialectics and Signification. 

Christopher Fynsk
Maurice Blanchot and Refusal

Runhild Gammelsaeter & Lasse Marhaug
"Quantum Entanglement " 
Out on Utech
since XII/13/2014
lim. to 300 copies

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Video of the Day #184A/2014: Katuyoshi Kou (1) / Porya Hatami (2)

Katuyoshi Kou

Porya Hatami's 
ethereal "The Garden"
released August 2014 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Video of the Day #184/2014: Marhaug / Yoshihide (1) / Feldman & Cage (1) / Alain Badiou (17) /

Otomo Yoshihide  and Lasse Marhaug
Live at Roppongi SuperDeluxe, 
Tokyo (Japan) / 6th Feb. 2011.

this very beautiful 
4-hour-conversation with
John Cage & Morton Feldman 

Alain Badiou
"À la recherche du réel perdu"
(Auckland 25.XI.2014)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Video of the Day #185/2014: Fynsk / Blanchot (2/3) / The Quash Wagon Reclusion (1)

Christopher Fynsk.
Blanchot's Infinite Conversation

Christopher Fynsk.
Maurice Blanchot, the Double Relation,
and Freedom

the appropriate, re-sonating companion

The Quash Wagon Reclusion
"Deconstructive Rock"
(released in May 2014)

This is an awesome example of
rallizes-denuded-death-drive-sharpened-robotics with injected mild auto-destructive loops and skullfloweredly-re-chorded sunroofs backgrounded by xenakis' dead-end glissandi and unheard of instrumental dia-logics and shadows ! 

Highly recommended !

Debut Full-Length From The Quash Wagon Reclusion; A Three-Song Manifesto Of The Band's Method Of The Same Name. All Music Improvised In Real Time, Recorded In ‎February/March 2014. Produced, Mixed, And Mastered In March 2014.

The Quash Wagon Reclusion is a virtual place; a machinery of null, a static of compulsive motion, a fragmented reflection's libido, a wholeness' death drive, a man defined by the sonic, a man caught in the sonic, a Buddhist transfigured by Kerouac, and a Buddhist annihilated by Žižek. Initially a semi thought experiment, we became interested in the practicality of the idea and the existential aspects of it, finding ourselves in the studio improvising, recording, recording, and improvising. The result was an EP entitled "Blatancy", which we released for free through Bandcamp in late 2013. Quite well received by the Obelisk radio who picked it up and included in their set, the Doom Lord who featured it on their YouTube channel, as well as a number of the musicians we adore, including James Plotkin, Eugene Robinson, Mario Lalli, and Dave Terry, we entered studio the following month, recording our debut LP "Deconstructive Rock". 

credits released 08 May 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Video of the Day #184/2014: Fynsk: Blanchot (1) / Giuseppe lelasi (1) / Ignatz & De Stervenden Honden (1)

Christopher Fynsk
Blanchot's The Step Not beyond

Giuseppe lelasi

the awesome project
Ignatz & De Stervenden Honden
"Japan is romantic"
live 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Skull and a Rabbit / Incapacitants / Accrual

Who is the inventor of
deconstruction(s) ?
Think twice
and cross it out twice !

Live 2010

Accrual - Cheophiori
on tape out on Moving furniture (8/2014)

Accrual is the duo of Ruaridh Law (TVO) on electronics and Alasdair Satchel on guitar. Their music is not easy to describe, but finds its way somewhere between drone and processed sounds. It has a natural vibe while at the same time being abstract.

The debut album by Accrual "Cheophiori" was first released as CD-R on French label Diesel Combustible. It was so difficult to get the CD-R and the artwork was full with mistakes that this really needed an update. Now in the remastered version with a bonus remix by Orphax it is finally available again. Now on Ruaridh Law's preferred format the cassette tape.

In Ruaridh Law his words:

Back in 2005 I lived in a tiny flat with my new wife and cat and my lovely cousin Alasdair Satchel was around from time to time. His first visit, he brought his guitar and I booted up my beloved AudioMulch. Late into the night we recorded an album of beautiful guitar drone and noisey ambience which to this day I'm not sure how exactly how we managed. After a nice lathe cut 7" on Geoffrey Dolman's excellent Static Caravan the whole thing was released on a french label, in an edition so insanely limited that even people mailing the label begging to get it were ignored. 9 years later, and after at least 3 years mulling the idea over, the lovely Moving Furniture Records is re-releasing it today on cassette and digital for the first time, lovingly remastered by myself last month. This is genuinely one of the favourite releases I've ever been involved in and it's different from anything since. Much love to Sietse van Erve for tolerating my errrr difficulties and having the vision and patience to put it out at last.

released 11 August 2014

Music by Ruaridh Law and Alasdair Satchel.
Remaster by Ruaridh Law
Artwork by Sietse van Erve

Friday, December 12, 2014

Video of the Day #183/2014: Brötzmann - Nilsson Love - Gustafsson / Porya Hatami (1) / Avital Ronell - Hent de Vries

Peter Brotzmann / Paul Nilssen Love / Mats Gustafsson
The Fat Is Gone

Parya Hatami
ethereal work
released in March 2014

Avital Ronell
The Telephone Book
25 Years

Hent de Vries on
The Telephone Book

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Skull and a Rabbit / Merzbow / Ian Buchanan: Deleuze (1)

Is this the meaning of Trinity ?


Ian Buchanan
"Deleuze's Inspiration: Artaud, Lawrence and Freud"
 A Talk 2009

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Skull and a Rabbit / Merzbow / Brötzmann - Adasiewicz - Noble

.... better knock on wood
today -

(Disc 1)

Peter Brötzmann / Jason Adasiewicz / Steve Noble
2. Solo Festiwal - koncert w OPT 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Video of the Day #183D/2014: Michael Pisaro (4) / Joseph Cohen (1) / Donna Haraway (2)

Michael Pisaro - Mind is Moving IX

Denis Sorokin - electric guitar, radio, stones
Teni Zvuka 2013
27 April, Experimental Sound Gallery

Joseph Cohen
Resisting Hegel (2014)

Donna Haraway
"From Cyborgs to Companion Species"  (2003/2004)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Video of the Day #183C/2014: Michael Pisaro (3) / Jacques Derrida (20) / H.R. Giger's Studiolo

Michael Pisaro - Fields have ears

Plus the legendary
Jacques Derrida 
sur lui-même de 1996
avec Laure Adler

H.R. Giger's Studiolo
(double tape 180 minutes)
on Pacific City Sound Visions
95 copies only !

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Skull and a Rabbit / Merzbow + Boris / Donna Haraway (1)

repeatedly inscripted
why not ?

Merzbow and Boris
Live in Tokyo 2014

Donna Haraway
SF: String Figures, Multispecies Muddles, Staying with the Trouble

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Video of the Day #182/2014: Abe / Yamazaki (1) / Elliott Sharp & Hamid Drake (1)

Kaoru Abe + Hiroshi Yamazaki -
 1971.1.24. Duo 1

Elliott Sharp & Hamid Drake
live in Bydgoszcz, 
Poland, 2008-12-06

Friday, December 5, 2014

ICE and SNOW / Merzbow (2) / A Handful of Dust (1)

Shadow -
After Shadows
One was the first here ?
In the End ...

Live in Lille 2014

Plus a re-issue
of the very limited and important
A Handful of Dust -
"Topology of a Phantom City"(1997)
on tape (300 ex.)

Topology of a Phantom City was a cassette originally released in 1996 on Bruce Russell’s glorious Corpus Hermeticum label and this reissue captures the spirit of the original version by…well…by also being on cassette.

For these recordings, the core members of AHOD, guitarist Bruce Russell (The Dead C) and violinist Alastair Galbraith are joined by Peter Stapleton (Terminals, Pin Group, Scorched Earth Policy) on percussion and synthesizers. Both sides are sprawling paean’s to the glories of improvised invention, going through waves of menacing intensity and freeform scrawl.

Includes unlimited streaming of A Handful of Dust - Topology of a Phantom City via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Video of the Day #183B/2014: Michael Pisaro (2) / High Rise (1) / Hélène Cixous (8)

Michael Pisaro
Close Constellations and a Drum on the Ground (2011)
(Barry Chabala - guitar, Greg Stuart - bowed crotales)

High Rise
"Truth's Serum"

Hélène Cixous Podcast
about her latest book
"Homère est morte" (2014)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video of the Day #182A/2014: Michael Pisaro (1) / Elektro Guzzi (1/2)

Michael Pisaro
Fields have ears

Extract from Michael Pisaro's composition 'Fields Have Ears 1' for piano and tape, performed by Philip Thomas. The piece is a rich mix of piano sounds with field recordings, sine waves, and white and pink noise. The complete 20-minute piece appears on a CD 'Fields Have Ears' along with two other compositions by Michael Pisaro: Fade (for solo piano), and Fields Have Ears 4 (for small ensemble).

Elektro Guzzi
from Austria

Visit the
Elektro Guzzi Blog

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ICE and SNOW / Merzbow / Ora Iso

Who has ever seen -
my footsteps in the snow ....

Live at Shibuya 2014 

Ora Iso - Bathcat
on Ba Da Bing (2014)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #52/2014: Jacques Derrida / Pandi Balazs + Merzbow

"La différance infinie est finie. On ne peut donc plus la penser dans l'opposition de la finité et de l'infinité, de l'absence et de la présence, de la négation et de l'affirmation."

- Jacques Derrida

Merzbow & Pandi Balazs
Live Saint Vitus 2012

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #51/2014: Jacques Derrida / Morris Balazs Benkö Trio (1) / Cassis Cornuta (1)

"Le signe est originairement travaillé par la fiction. Dès lors, que ce soit à propos de communication indicative ou d'expression, il n' y a aucun critère sûr pour distinguer entre un langage extérieur et un langage intérieur, ni dans l'hypothèse concédé d'un langage intérieur, entre un langage effectif et un langage fictif. "

- Jacques Derrida

Morris - Balazs - Benkö Trio


Plus the ultra-weirdo
Cassis Cornuta
don't miss it !
100 copies only
out on Ultra Eczema 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #50/2014: Jacques Derrida / Patrick Emm / Claire Colebrook (4)

"C'est donc le rapport à ma mort (à ma disparition en général) qui se cache dans cette détermination de l'être comme présence, idéalité, possibilité absolue de répétition. La possibilité du signe est ce rapport à la mort. La détermination et l'effacement du signe dans la métaphysique est la dissimulation de ce rapport à la mort qui produisait pourtant la signification."

- Jacques Derrida

Patrick Emm
"Live at Goethe Institut"

Claire Colebrook
"We Have Always Been Post-Anthropocene"
- this time version Pittsburgh 
for those who like it in stereo :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Video of the Day #180/2014: Lasse Marhaug & Kjell Bjorgengeen (1) / Alain Badiou (20) / Jean-Luc Marion (17)

Lasse Marhaug & Kjell Bjorgengeen
Live 2013

the unimitable humbleness ;)
of Alain Badiou's
Séminaire Ontologie 1 : Parménide

Plus out
of a completely different context -
Jean-Luc Marion
"Les certitude négatives"