Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Skull and a Rabbit / Incapacitants / Accrual

Who is the inventor of
deconstruction(s) ?
Think twice
and cross it out twice !

Live 2010

Accrual - Cheophiori
on tape out on Moving furniture (8/2014)

Accrual is the duo of Ruaridh Law (TVO) on electronics and Alasdair Satchel on guitar. Their music is not easy to describe, but finds its way somewhere between drone and processed sounds. It has a natural vibe while at the same time being abstract.

The debut album by Accrual "Cheophiori" was first released as CD-R on French label Diesel Combustible. It was so difficult to get the CD-R and the artwork was full with mistakes that this really needed an update. Now in the remastered version with a bonus remix by Orphax it is finally available again. Now on Ruaridh Law's preferred format the cassette tape.

In Ruaridh Law his words:

Back in 2005 I lived in a tiny flat with my new wife and cat and my lovely cousin Alasdair Satchel was around from time to time. His first visit, he brought his guitar and I booted up my beloved AudioMulch. Late into the night we recorded an album of beautiful guitar drone and noisey ambience which to this day I'm not sure how exactly how we managed. After a nice lathe cut 7" on Geoffrey Dolman's excellent Static Caravan the whole thing was released on a french label, in an edition so insanely limited that even people mailing the label begging to get it were ignored. 9 years later, and after at least 3 years mulling the idea over, the lovely Moving Furniture Records is re-releasing it today on cassette and digital for the first time, lovingly remastered by myself last month. This is genuinely one of the favourite releases I've ever been involved in and it's different from anything since. Much love to Sietse van Erve for tolerating my errrr difficulties and having the vision and patience to put it out at last.

released 11 August 2014

Music by Ruaridh Law and Alasdair Satchel.
Remaster by Ruaridh Law
Artwork by Sietse van Erve