Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The HNW-Q No.11:Joseph Szymkowiak (Black Matter Phantasm)

(Photo by Cristina García Rodero)

Dear Readers,

I am very proud to present the HNW-Q No.11 featuring this time Joseph Szymkowiak and his impressive introspective and versatile project called Black Matter Phantasm. This project is one of the most brilliant and passionate remappings of the Ursprungslandschaft of HNW today. His crypto-minimalisms direct the listener right back to the riverhead of HNW. Right to the point where everything or nothing started. Only one nanosecond before HNW multiplied and digressed into the countless (and partly absolutely misguided and misguiding) other riverarms we have to witness today to our sadness and sometimes to our desperation. Szymkowiak's Black Matter Phantasm reminded me instantaneously and again why I was interested in HNW in the first place five or six years ago. It was HNW's deep desire to reach out for absolute nothingness in and as sound that struck me immediately. Pointing me again at radically different possibilities for listening, the listener and the performer beyond all distractive, consumerist and late capitalist forms of "music". Opening or transpiercing the eardrums with silent or deafening loudness or loud silence so to speak. Transforming the listener and the performer simultaneously. Szymkowiak's HNW is perfectly and seriously bound to the golden rules of early HNW connecting meditational approaches and practices with serious aural experimentalisms and sonic research. This project brings all these prehistoric scenes back again.  His HNW is HNW in nuce, in a nutshell, in a capsule. His works are physical excercises in pleasure and pain at once. Serious lessons or exercises to learn to be oneself without being related to others. Black Matter Phantasm performs a resolute or ab-solute step towards seclusion and retreat for further reenactments by devotional listeners. My interest for Black Matter Phantasm was triggered in the first place by his impressive 2015 multi-hours set released on Julien and Charlotte Skrobek's label Ensemble Vide Records called "6 études pour bruit blanc dégradé". This release made me look deeper into his discography that is full of amazing releases (click here for his bandcamp and facebook or use the links below). Here are some of my favorites: "descendre dans un puits sans fond. rechercher les ténèbres les plus totales, les plus épaisses possibles" (2015), "Leaf of void" (2015), "transitions. élaborations. silence" (2015),  "Désordre de la matière" (2016), "Vacuum Fluctuations Rumbling" (Process 2016), the fantastic Signora Ward release "Black God" (2016) and the most recent multi hours set "Réticences" (Lost Light 2016). But take a deeper look yourself --- it is definitely very rewarding !!. I leave the final words to one of my favorite taoist poets called Han Shan (= Cold Montain, late 7th century). One of the few masters of taoist seclusion: "When recluses slip this human world, most go to sleep in the mountains. Green vines are sparse but unyielding; emerald streams murmur without cease. High they soar in peaceful joy; vast their thoughts, so pure and unhurried. Avoiding all stain of worldly things,their hearts as tranquil as white lotus."

This is the HNW-Q No.11
brilliantly completed
by Joseph Szymkowiak, 
Black Matter Phantasm

The HNW-Q No. 11

[1] I discovered and invented HNW for myself, when I understood that this was what I had always needed. Fundamentally.

[2] The initial radicality of HNW would be preserved, if HNW would be made by those who really love HNW. I admit that my relationship to HNW is a relationship of love / hate, attraction / repulsion - but this is the definition of a pure and total love, devoted and obsessive. I think some people that make HNW do it for the wrong reasons, they don’t understand this kind of music DEEPLY, what it represents, and what it must represent, and they do that because they do not have the ability to do something else. Making HNW has to be a passionate choice.

[3] HNW is tranquility in the primordial chaos.

[4] HNW is not for fun.

[5] I consider the acronym H.N.W. as a powerful symbol.

[6] HNW is  a pure mirroring of the soul.

[7] The sounds of machines are the soundtrack of our lives. 

[8] HNW helps the innermost self to be revealed.

[9] Monolithic Walls are the best way to find the equilibrium.

[10] The Future of HNW would be a ritual used by secret circles of teenagers all around the world.

[11] The Death of HNW would become a bitter reality, if the current dominant and disturbing trend to infantilize HNW would have absorbed all the real soulful approaches to HNW completely.
[12] HNW should be related to shamanic meditation to understand it better. 

[13] Singularity and Originality in HNW are not necessary, but admissible.

[14] HNW should be called Static Minimalism, because of its nature.

[15] HNW should not be called Static Minimalism, because .................

[16] The permanent repetition of the HNW-Mantra (No ideas, no change, no dynamics, no development etc.) leads .... I’m not a big fan of Vomir and his leadership, he is not my favorite and not my first approach to HNW. (At first I had listened to Angstrom and it’s really a better project).

[17] Volume in HNW is part of the intention.

[18] Distortion in HNW is the Temple.

[19] My Unconscious is immersed in HNW.

[20] Narratives, Analogies and Metaphors in HNW are part of the Cult.

[21] Time and Space in HNW are dissolved.

[22] HNW is absolute Nothingness. 

[23] My HNW amplifies the clairvoyance.

[24] Minimal Music and Cosmic Drones are different and similar to HNW.

[25] Conceptualism is the pointless and unnecessary intellectual and masturbatory weakening of HNW. 

[26] The main ingredients of brilliant HNW are loud and crunchy basses.

[27] The purpose and the concept of my HNW is the advent of a new cult, monolithic, which would replace all harmful religions. I imagine temples being built in forests, on mountains, the ocean floor, where HNW would be played continuously and where people could go to meditate. For the more adventurous ones, there would be a labyrinth bathed in a complex setting of light and darkness accompanied by HNW and here the contenders of enlightenment should find the exit.

[28] The distinction between ANW / HNW is important. The first one is for calm and comfortable meditation, while the second one is for violent introspection.

[29] The philosophy of HNW can change if it becomes part of the mainstream.

[30] My first words about HNW were my final words about HNW.

[31] My final words about HNW would be my first words about HNW.

[32] The phrase I would like to add to this questionary is Do you have seriously thought about lost souls ?

Antony Gormley - Flesh (1990)

Cordial thanks, Joseph !
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