Friday, September 2, 2016

Sounds Reviewed #10/2016: The Julia Sound - Post-Creation (2015)

This is the impressive third release by The Julia Sound called "Post-Creation". The Julia Sound is always acting out surprisingly out of a foggy clair-obscur. This project is always at the edge of existing using secrecy and seclusion to generate a unique soudworld as if fallen out of time and space. In this sense The Julia Sound generates out-side sounds in the most friendly sense of the word. The Julia Sound has a deep and intense friendship with exteriority: he works simply outside of himself and out of his self. Reworking, recombining or deconstructing the obscure sounds of the 1980's in a feverish aural re-invention. Delivering haunted head(phones) music subversively replaying desperate and disenchanted desires and zentimental robotic psychocandy solitudes back into our own time-zone, hear and now !

In my first review in 2013 I described the soundworlds of The Julia Sound as intense scuba-diver-travelings through the thoughtful realms, undiscovered galaxies and reverb-pluriverses of minimal and obscure electronic music. And again The Julia Sound is reinventing himself here as a huge 1980's reading-writing-deleting machine or as a retro-futuristic signal repeater par excellence. He echoes and reinvents the dark outsider feedback laden electronics from the late 1970's to the early 1980's (say: The Jesus and the Mary Chain (the record uses Jim Reid's voice as an epigram), and eg. Dok-U-Ment, the japanese act Tolerance, Coum Transmissions, Bourbonese Qualk, Ptôse, James Chance and the Contortions, Glenn Branca, MFH) in a unique, refined and inventive manner as if trying to break the necks of possible dancers. It's re-fusion music or de-fusion music in all senses of the words ! The Julia Sound is a real master of musical re- and de-contextualizations .

In any case Post-Creation contains an anarchic cyborg chronotropic-stutterer, or an odd sonic cyberpunk clockwork. (De)humanized or exhumated buried voices (what a unique way to sing, again !) want to enter through piles of foggy feedback spheres (hey, Mizutani !) trying to avoid stalking guitar sounds to escape clubby nighttime drum-machine-time-space-grids. I remember relating his earlier works to Chris Carter and this is true here too and this project hovers or levitates over the BLACKEST EVER BLACK - entre autres - continent without ever landing of course. It would have belonged under the most hidden treasures of Tape Culture.

The Julia Sound places all of his re-invented pasts and futures in an immense post-creational acid-bath giving re-birth to an atmosphere of diabolic counter-creations or counter-cultures. Opening an unheard of nocturnal life of electronics, pain-coated sounds, saxophonic and other corrosions of conformities. It folds back in into sound what is so desperately missing in the globale Kulturindustrie: an act of resistance and subversive counter-culture.This is music for your headphones. Use your head and pump up the volume. Please support this outstandingly gifted project ! Please order some of these beautifully designed and hand numbered boxes (edition of 77, cf. my photos below). By the way, a new track is online on his bandcamp(links below).

(10/10 Admiration points)


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