Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sounds of the Day #30/2017: My Inhaled Books #5 / NYZ (3) / Slomo (4) /// Robert Crouch (1) / Luigi Turra (1) / Tomas Phillips (1) / France Jobin (1)

Inhaled books #5.
Jacques Derrida - Spectres de Marx
I read this one here since 1994.


NYZ - DRNH (2017)
New, absolutely outstanding works by David Burraston !
Highly recommended ! Don't miss this essential tape !
2/4 signed copies left !!! Click here for further info
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Slomo - Transits (2017)
Cool, new Slomo !

Robert Crouch - A Gradual Accumulation of Ideas Becomes Truth (2016)

Luigi Turra - Alea (2016)
For his first release on LINE, Alea, Italian composer/sound artist Luigi Turra changes the perspective of his expressive spectrum away from the Japanese influences of his previous work critically acclaimed epic 3CD work KI on the American label and/OAR. Alea is a sound narration inspired by the works of the French novelist Marguerite Duras and her highly evocative semantic games, quiet but at the same time raw and desolate. Like a film without images the words are reduced to inaudible sounds and thin secret messages. As a human presence perceived in rooms and empty corridors of an unfamiliar place, but through some sound evidence might exist, not far from an Atlantic Ocean beach where encounters take place between silent figures. Among reflections in a distorting lens, the soundscape comes alive, able to interact with these invisible actors. Sounds wrapping them with tactile material micro-textures and sudden pauses that generate expectations. Alea is a work that tells a sound in its essence, but analyzes this from the point of view of memory, of suggestion. The recognition of that inner voice that each of us possesses.(label info)

Tomas Phillips - Limit Fold (2016)

France Jobin - Singulum (2016)