Friday, February 10, 2017

Sounds of the Day #36/2017: My Inhaled books #11 // Francisco Meirino (1-8), Leif Elggren (1), Vomir (8,9,10)

Inhaled books #11
James Joyce - Finnegans Wake.
Among my earliest inhaled since 1988.

Francisco Meirino - Surrender, Render, End (2016)

first and foremost, surrender, render, end is an electro-acoustic dialectic, unremittingly engaged in a pugilist conflict between art and accident. the swiss noise-composer francisco meirino began working on the skeleton for this piece in 2014 as a multi-channel, modular synth patch, which has been in an ongoing state of modification through public diffusions and private rumination. meirino posits the album as a metaphysical puzzle of manipulated tape, atonal synthesis, and concrete sound. he is quick to point out that these are more than field recordings, better stated as an extreme amplification of natural phenomena. all of this twists and turns through a shifting of perspective, akin to the cinematic tropes of objectivity and subjectivity in the framing of the image; but here it is with hostile topography of sound interacting with the human mind, body, and spirit. the allusions within surreneder, render, end are numerous and for the most part are fleetingly abstract, like the fragments of a nightmare that linger days after. the research laboratory, abandoned with all of the instruments running after an experiment became toxic and started to metastasize. nerve-endings rupturing from sensory overload. the residual psychic violence of a time and place that's forgotten history. the one recognizable human utterance: "i'll never know anything." meirino's work has long been at the forefront of sonic exploration, with surrender, render, end being a masterful work built upon many years of dedication to his craft, with countless performances, residencies, collaborations, and publications. think luc ferrari, peter tscherkassky, and the aktions of the schimpfluch-gruppe.

Francisco Meirino - An Investigation On Electricity, Magnetic Fields & (para)Normal Electronic Interferences  (2016)

Francisco Meirino - Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete (2016)

Francisco Meirino feat. rm - Le couloir (2016)
Composed for an installation (for one evening only) in 2016. Two playback devices were hidden in the ceiling of the corridor leading from the entrance to the main hall of a nightclub in Lausanne where I will later that night perform solo among other live acts. Both files were on loop and will played simultaneously : - one at the beginning of the corridor. - one at the end, both tracks trying to create a simple spatial/time "bubble" in the narrow space of the corridor. So the ideal playback situation will be to play both tracks simultaneously. 

Francisco Meirino & Leif Elggren - Trop Tôt (2015)

Francisco Meirino - A Possibility (one of many)(2015)

Source recordings were conducted in the basement at Radio Picnic headquarters in Brussels, among all the gear available, I chose to use, as I often do in my body of work, only the low tech gear I found there, such as : a broken 7’’ record player, a dusty cassette recorder with a saturation problem, a couple of broken speakers powered by two 9 volts batteries and alligator clips, an AAA battery powered transducer, 3 xylophone bars (C / G / A), a rattle egg, a barely functional Electribe drum machine, an electronic organ that buzzes due to poorly shielded external output, a home-made loop cassette tape, paper, plastic, metal and a cheap shotgun microphone with phantom power issues. The basement is not soundproof, we can hear the outside world, its sonic print entered the recording chamber and delivered an unexpected sonic treat to my recordings. A part of the piece also features a binaural audio document of a walk through one of Brussels flea markets, perverted with a later addition of uncontrolled voltage discharges, recorded in the same basement as the rest of the piece. To give a new attention to these sounds, I conducted a simple auditory discrimination task through the deterioration of these sounds with the addition of surface noise and static hum problems. It is an attempt at sonic stimulation of these dying piece of “obsolete” equipment. It is an attempt at an extreme subdivision of the aural frequencies of the objects I’ve found in that basement. It is an attempt at exposing their primary auditory spectrum, their raw beauty.

Francisco Meirino & Roro Perrot - Sous la chambre, sans le savoir (2015)

Francisco MeirinoMy Voice Is Unique (2011)

Our voice. Translator of thoughts, vector of emotions, never completely honest and yet believable. All in all, pioneer in the accessibility to art and a powerful asset for oppression and fear. I’ve asked people to send me a recording of themselves saying : « my voice is unique ». I’ve dug into these recordings, to find sounds hidden in the background, audio treasures, amplified silences, extracted sighs & breathings.

Vomir - Quand la Négation Libère (2015)

Vomir - L'entendement de l'homme sous l'impensable (Hölderlin) (2014)

Vomir - Devoir de Refus De L'espace Public (2014)