Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sounds of the Day #52/2017: My Inhaled books #25 /// George Lewis & Splitter Orchester(1) / Adam Hulbert(1,2) / Giovanni Lami (1) / Edward Sol (1) / Riccardo Dillon Wanke (1) / Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or (1,2)

Inhaled books #25
Jacques Derrida - La dissémination
Read and khorâted since 1995.
George Lewis & Splitter Orchester Creative Construction Set™ (2017)
The Splitter Orchester is a Berlin-based collection of internationally respected Composer-Performers which draws inspiration from many genres and is most comfortable in the creative borderland between composed and improvised music. It is a defiant musical organism that has developed an extraordinary artistic profile - uniting across continents, generations and aesthetics. Utilising a broad variety of extended techniques on traditional, electronic, and especially constructed and tailored instruments, the ensemble's main focus in their artistic practice is the production of sound and how to diffuse it in space - creating an ocean of sound rich in texture, dynamics and unexpected power. What brings this ensemble of incredible musicians together is a dedication to discovering together the untarnished face of a new, sonic experience: something bold, radical, political and beautiful all at once. AACM member George Lewis is a seminal figure - a musician, artist and thinker whose humanistic visions and work on artistic process has significantly influenced a broad swathe of artists internationally. The collaborative nature of musical creation within a Composer-Performer context is integral to both Lewis and Splitter. Especially conceived for the Splitter Orchester, Lewis' Creative Construction Set™ is more a facilitation than a composition, bringing these two global forces together in synergistic partnership that resulted in a lucid improvisational experience. This album is a partial document of this mutual exploration, mesmerizing the listeners with the stunning transparency of its sound. The very first concert of the Splitter Orchester (in Berlin’s main train station in 2010), was documented on a Echtzeitmusik compilation published by Mikroton Recordings in 2012. This compilation was a milestone in the long-term relationship between Mikroton Recordings and the diverse Echtzeitmusik-Scene in Berlin. Since then, many members of the Splitter Orchester have released their music on Mikroton Recordings (amongst them Burkhard Beins, Werner Dafeldecker, Michael Thieke, Simon J. Phillips, and many more). (Label info)

Adam Hulbert - Phonoccultural Studies (2016)
Theodor Reik’s theory of psychoanalytic listening and his 1953 study of obsessional musical fragments (The Haunting Melody) later confirmed AUDiNT’s intuition regarding the earworm as a transitional entity able to bridge the gap separating the human from “other forms of vibratory intelligence,” though the phonovermiculi in question here were more akin to tinnital tones than conventional pop hooks, resulting from the uncanny collision between the covert back-masked message and the overt narrative refrain (or, the unconscious clashing with the conscious). Once lodged, the earworm as “artificial waveformed intelligence” burrows in search of ancient sonic memories deeply embedded in the “cultural DNA” of the host which, when located, activate the “third ear,” a “phantom sense” hereafter granting access to past, present and future “voices.” Marc Couroux, Internal: AUDiNT (Phonoccultural Studies), 2015

Adam Hulbert - Media Studies (2013)
"Yet this same creature has invented ways of seeing what no naked eye could see, of hearing what no ear could hear, of weighing immense masses and infinitesimal ones, of counting and separating more items than he can individually remember. He is learning to see with his mind vast portions of the world that he could never see, touch, smell, hear, or remember. Gradually he makes for himself a trustworthy picture inside his head of the world beyond his reach." Walter Lippman, Public Opinion, 1921. (label info)

Giovanni Lami - मेम वेर्म [mema verma] (2014)

Edward Sol - Family Nails (2016)

Riccardo Dillon Wanke - Oxidation States (2015)

Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or - Anacalypsis (2016)

Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or...and justice for Hollywood!! (2012)