Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sounds of the Day #65/2017: My Inhaled books #34 /// Sherwood & Pinch (1) / Nisennenmondai (2) / Justin Meyers (1,2) /// rkss (1,2,3) / False Moniker (1) / Gravure (1) / Ivory Trade (1)

Inhaled books #34
Gilles Deleuze - Le Pli. Leibniz et le Baroque
Read supliminally since 2002


Sherwood & Pinch - Man vs. Sofa (2017)

Nisennenmondai - #N/A (2016)
(with Adrian Sherwood)

Meyers - Negative Space (1981–2014)(2016) 
The concept of “negative space” in composition is the empty space that defines the compositions subject—this past year is the negative space that defines my future. This record is an acousmatic narrative of my “negative space”. Late spring 2014 my body had something to tell me—after a month of tests, pain, and exhaustion I passed out in our hallway the same day I was discharged from the hospital to recover at home. A major digestive organ had perforated and needed to come out; I had emergency surgery that night. What I am left with is a physical affliction I will carry with me the rest of my life. Unable to exert myself I had to adjust my music production techniques—I embraced my computer, contact microphones, and portable Zoom recorder. Much of what makes up the bulk of natural sound was captured and directly related to my physical restrictions and recovery. These field recordings were arranged with existing recordings and later expanded upon with synthesizer accompaniment once I had recovered further. The end result is 8 compositions which take themes and methods from my previous work to form a cohesive electroacoustic statement and narrative of recovery. (Justin Meyers)

Meyers - Après Garde (2014)

 rkss - Cutoff (2016)

 rkss Top Charted(2016)

 rkss Cell (2015)

False Moniker - Alternate Reality (2016)

Gravure - Gravure (2016)

Ivory Trade - The Distal Passage (2016)