Friday, April 21, 2017

Sounds of the Day #104/2017: My Inhaled books #50 // Nate Wooley (8) / Peter Aaron, Brian Chase Duo(1), Gavin Gamboa (1,2,3,5,6,7)

My Inhaled books #50
Xuedou Chongxian, Yüan-wu K’o-ch’in - Bi-yän-lu 
Zentimental since the late 1980's


Nate Wooley - Complete Syllable Music (2017)

Peter Aaron, Brian Chase Duo - Purges (2017)
[LABEL INFO] Purges was recorded in the winter of 2014 in the space of a former church in Hudson, NY. Unusual to today's recording practice, the session was all analog and the music went 'straight to tape.' An emphasis was on capturing the energy of the duo's "purges:" intense chaotic and cathartic episodes that exercise a feeling of full release. These are the Purges 1-5. The other tracks were inspired in part by Lou Reed's album Metal Machine Music in its reduction and glorification of the fundamental sonic elements of music as source material for composition and expression of the physicality of sound.

Ellen Arkbro - For organ and brass (2017)

Gavin Gamboa Transmogrificantus II (2017)

Gavin Gamboa IgG4-RD Blues (2016)

Gavin Gamboa The Flooding Of New Orleans (2016)

Gavin Gamboa Notes On Cybism | Cybism Reconsidered | An Afterword (2016)

Gavin Gamboa Venetus A (2015)

Gavin Gamboa Dōgen's Garden On The Surface Of Mars(2015)

Gavin Gamboa - Quartet Forensics (2015)

Quartet Forensics - Destruction/Reassembly Research of String Quartet I & Anima Exstasis.The sixty-six tracks on ‘Quartet Forensics’ are micro-studies based on sampled material from ‘Mapping the Rivers' Unconscious’ (2014) and ‘Anima Exstasis’ (2015), both compositions for string quartet [unreleased as of the date of this publishing]. Each individual track or grouping of tracks is either investigative of an inner structure, exploiting granular environments that utilize a minimal selection of sampled audio, or function instead as longer, exploratory canvases detailing growth and entropy. Full of destructive edits and repetition, ‘Quartet Forensics’ seeks to embody an existing practice of electronic music manipulation while embracing sounds often labeled as errors; skipping; jumping; malfunctioning; a world of dead-ends turning in on themselves to reveal new forms and configurations.(Gavin Gamboa)

Gavin Gamboa Book of Magnetic Inquiries (2013)