Monday, April 3, 2017

Sounds Reviewed #16,2017: Dino Spiluttini - To Be A Beast (2017)

Dino Spiluttini - To Be A Beast (Cut Surface 2017)

Silbriger Sternenstaub swirled up masterly by the Austri-Alien Sound Artist Dino Spiluttini in the disguise of twelve enigmatic, aural, foggy, and cinematic narratives. Beautifully distorted stardust memories coming and going almost organically like high and low tide. In any case: organ(ic) worlds, Opium Welten. Soundwaves bursting on imaginary beaches or rocks. An invitation for extensive daydreamings. Secretly dedicated to the death drunken or to bipolar suicidal flaneurs crossing Wien Westfriedhof in dreamtime with a bag full of samplers and other devices like the brain at hand. Dreamachines negate outer worlds. And Vienna is indeed a deeply suicidal landscape with a lot of "Fahrgastunfälle". Ask Thomas Bernhard. This recording circles around and flirts a little with the suicidal as if mirroring or translating a line taken from Thomas Bernhard's Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall:„Mein Bericht ist nur dazu da, das in ihm Beschriebene auszulöschen” into aural narratives. But it is also a lot more: a very friendly companion for more life affirming flaneurs with headphones walking through real or imaginary landscapes while attentively listening. Walter Benjamin had linked the flaneur with an animal as if having read the title of this record - To Be A Beast. He writes as if proposing a user's guide for Spillutini's aural narratives: “Den Flanierenden leitet die Straße in eine entschwundene Zeit. Im Asphalt über den er hinweggeht, wecken seine Schritte eine erstaunliche Resonanz. Ein Rausch kommt über den, der lange ohne Ziel durch Strassen marschierte. Wie ein asketisches Tier streicht er durch unbekannte Viertel, bis er in tiefster Erschöpfung auf seinem Zimmer, das ihn befremdet, kalt zu sich einläßt, zusammensinkt.” So don’t hesitate to pick up a copy and go for a sound walk and Wreck The Infinite ! Highly recommended work by Dino Spiluttini (contact: here). Out on Cut Surface March 31, 2017 (limited to 300 copies on green 12" vinyl, incl. double-sided inlay & DL-code). Contact and order (here) and (here).(10/10 Admiration Points).