Friday, October 9, 2015

Sounds Reviewed #8/2015: Noordwiijk - Sailor Boy II

Noordwiijk - Sailer Boy II
(Jeunesse Cosmique I/2015)

Listening. Deep Listening. Listening to the sounds travelling back and forth in time and space. Listening to Noordwiijks's Sound-art "guiding you across the Atlantic Ocean accompanied by a young boy in 1952" (label text) moving around in dreamstate like a tiny and fragile microtonal bubble or atom. Listening to the sounds or echoes of the classical avantgarde music transpierced by contemporary electronics. 1952, what a year ! 2015, what a year, too ! 

Although there are melancholical and retrospective subtones implemented in the sounds of Noordwiijk the project can also maintain a close and constant proximity to the masters of contemporary electronics (let's say: Carter Tutti's 2007 masterpiece "Feral Vapours" and their allies up to Nik Void). It is a constant morphing in between classical avantgarde sounds and contemporary experimental music at work here. Consequently all sounds bear the signs of transformation, transition, disfiguration and transfiguration. An alchemistic mixing of real instrumental sounds with and through electronic production devices. You can sense a tension or the integration of subtle interfaces between usually divergent acoustical strata any second. Marvellous aural memories of a future past or a past future Jérémie Jones has invented here ! 

Microtonal shiftings and spectral sounds spelled out and re-orchestrated as re-evocations out of and into the deep aural and melancholic fogs of classical avantgarde music of the 195o/60's and beyond from Edgard Varèse's Ionisation or Amériques, Stockhausen's early tape- and later sound-manipulations, Ligeti's Lux aeterna, Giacinto Scelsi or Olivier Messiaen's Harawi to the most refined aural manipulations of the late live-electronic Luigi Nono, Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Project or Bill Fontana's beautiful sonic portraits. Jones has build up an infinitely rich dreamspace dissolving the borders between real instruments and electronic sounds and soundsources.

This is a poetic re-mapping and a feverish re-vitalization of avantgarde sounds. So don't miss it ! Please support this great soundartist (HERE and HERE). Already one of the best tapes this year and one of the best aural dreamspaces in a long time: an intellectual and sensual pleasure of the highest order. 

A document of Mon(t)-réal-ité, peut-être !
Highly recommended, in any case.

(10/10 Admiration points)


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