Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sounds Reviewed #12/2016: The Quash Wagon Reclusion - Eschewal (2016)

"Eschewal" (bandcamp VI/2016) is the fifth and again absolutely outstanding release by The Quash Wagon Reclusion. And it documents again their incomparable and indispensable mantratronic approach to music. It is an eschewal in any case, it is a total avoidance of origins and onto-archèo-logics. It is a "stratégie finalement sans finalité, on pourrait appeler cela tactique aveugle, errance empirique, (...) l'unité du hasard et de la necessité dans un calcul sans fin"(Derrida). The music starts on Unexonerated as if it has never ever started in a subversively almost Mizutanian robotic drum locked groove - slaves to the rhythm. In a way this recording is and is not spinning. It is following the record groove virtual a never ending spirale or möbius band. In this it has a selfdestructive, selfabsorbing or tempophagic groove. It is like an abyssal Dialektik im Stillstand or to put it differently: it plays or spells out Hölderlin's line Schwer verlässt / ​Was nahe dem Ursprung wohnet, den Ort

Hear or here, suddenly mortified, locked up, petrified, suddenly un-chained to the groove:"les automates s'arrêtent et laissent monter la masse inorganisée qu'ils articulent" like an infant covered in dream-language and baptized with dream-water "le corps plein sans organes est l'improductif, le stérile, l'inegendré, l'inconsommable. Antonin Artaud l'a découvert, là où il était, sans forme et sans figure. Instinct de mort, tel est son nom, et la mort. Car le désir désire aussi cela, la mort, parce que le corps plein de la mort est son moteur immobile, comme il désire la vie". Picking up all these counter productive or counter spinning energies of the locked groove dissecting the standstill even further and further trancelating it into an even more extreme desire to interrupt the forces of inner-musical necessities to begin and end somewhere. As if played backwards or inverse or reverse it avoids developments at any cost in a spectral catatonic soundscape activating strong traditions of musical standstill from Stuart Dempster, Tristan Mural to Luigi Nono meeting a dark Derek Bailey in music never-ever-more-then-zero-land. Guitars cannot hide in camouflage forever.

Guitars are eager to destroy their masks now in an even more desperate final move, yes - yes "l'improductif, il existe là où il est produit. Il est perpétuellement réinjecté dans la production, Le corps catatonique est produit dans l'eau du bain. Le corps sans organes est de l'anti-production". Uninculpated catatonia retrancelated itself back into the anti-productive energies of the non-origin or non-source or non-beginning. Placing the needle in locked groove again. A möbius strip, striving again back to zero which is of course still impossible. A​ metamorphosis made impossible through an infinite filo relecto: "la génèse de la machine a lieu sur place, dans l'opposition du procès de production des machines désirantes at de la station improductive du corps sans organes".

(10/10 Admiration points)