Monday, September 5, 2016

Sounds Reviewed #13/2016: Deathstench & Phurpa - Evoking Shadows of Death (2016)

Deathstench, Phurpa - Evoking Shadows of Death (2015)
(LP Black Plagve 2016, lim. 150 copies)

I am really and deeply impressed by this 12 inch Deathstench and Phurpa collaboration (limited to 150 copies). I have listened to this 26 minutes highly adventurous aural abyss already several times and I am totally bassthrilled or basstatic. This is definitely the best "ultrasounds"-recording in ages. It feels like being scanned or skinned alive in some dark ritual desperately trying to find or carve out a soul under skin and bones, but finding only shadows of death. It is some kind of deeply twisting ultra-dark psychedelia without psyche at work here. Especially when listening in bright sunlight: a truly contrasting mourning music or re-birthing chant.

Deathstench and Phurpa are some fiery-cinder-masters: courageous dead matter (re)visitors and death-matter survivors – melting sounds into an ultra-esoteric chant – morphing ashes into fire and fire into ashes – it's some kind of spooky funeral - living is dying and dying is living - death-becoming-lifedeath or deathlife --- or some Tibetan evocations or dark-buddhist-cave-meditations:"As long as you're enthralled by a lifeless form, you are not free"(Bodhidharma).

Bodhidharma can't close his eyes because his eyelids are cut off (that's a real story!). He perceives only darkness and harpooned sounds in his cave. I really and truly admire this, because it's a non-genre-music rather again a truthful articulation of the life-death-tension or deadly suspension. This is the bomb with (doommaster) Billy Anderson on OM-matic boards ! How will this sound live !! Watch out for more Phurpa and Deathstench (click on the respective tags below) !

(10/10 Admiration points)