Sunday, March 19, 2017

Artworks/Sounds of the Day #3/2016: Robert Mangold (3) / Chik White(8,9) / Five Guitars for Tony Conrad/ Junior Pande (1,2,3,4) / Avery Gabbiano (2) / Carmina Escobar (1,2) / Stag Hare (1,2)

Robert Mangold
Attic Series VIII
Study 1990

Chik White - Soft Shapes (2017)

Chik White - Malform (2016)
A voice washes across the falling cliffs, rocky shores, grassy fields, over the entire village and beyond. It calls from deep below the ocean and has grown shrill and harsh with time. This gnawing vibration turns in my gut at every moment -- and in every moment I am sickened. So most days I just walk to here, to under these cliffs, and stand, harp sack wrapped around my wrist. And I play to the water. With each pull, perception clears away -- absorbs back into all that has come and will ever be. Blasts of white and blue light erase my vision as tears freeze to my face. I swallow all that surrounds me into a ball of sound and shape it with minute movements in my throat and tongue. This skull of mine: a resonating chamber. Air rushes through. Lungs soon suck closed -- by just this metal spring between my front teeth. There’s blood on my lips. And I am buzzed. How long has it been? A minute? An eon? The ocean’s voice and my piercing song, calling and being called in one tone, hearing and being heard in a single ear. (Darcy Spidle)

John Bohannon, Tom Carter, Eric Hardiman, Ray Hare, Michael Hentz - Five Guitars for Tony Conrad (2016)

 Junior Pande - Tape One (2011)

 Junior Pande - Tape Three (2011)

 Junior Pande - The Red Tape (2014)

Junior Pande - Five (2015)

Avery Gabbiano - Oracles & Chambers (2016)

Carmina Escobar - 01XX (2016)

Carmina Escobar - Watermusic at the Hammer (2011)

Stag Hare - Velvet and Bone (2016)

Stag Hare - Tapestry (2015)