Monday, March 27, 2017

Sounds of the Day #79/2017: My Inhaled books #39 // AHC (1) / Posset (1) / Arash Moori (1) / O/H (1) / Jonathan Fitoussi (10)

Inhaled books #39
Jean-Luc Marion - Sur le prisme métaphysique de Descartes
An indispensable corrective against all reductive readings of Descartes since 1996


 AHC - V (2017)

Posset - The Gratitude Vest (2016)
Primitive tape dreamtime and brass-skillet vocal jaxx. The Gratitude Vest starts chipping away at the tradition of that ‘grey-beard’ Concrete Poetry and ladles on sweet dark hiss like a lover. Sea-ghost voices rise and fall in salty motion; SKYNET stutters into life running code that’s less one/zero/one and more ‘vash’ and ‘olo-olo’. Teach Number Station jams in the Kindergarten! But it’s a lonely sound-clash. Take a microscope to pond water and revel in the riot of life. Lend an ear to The Gratitude Vest and feel that transparent wriggling vibrating your sensitive drum-bones like galaxies of fresh saliva pop.

Arash Moori - Heterodyne (2015)

O/H - Future Ready (2015)

Jonathan Fitoussi - Electronic Dream (2009)