Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sounds of the Day #61b/2017: My Inhaled books #32 /////// The Dreaming Corpse(1) / Tyler Damon, Tashi Dorji (1/8)/ World War (1) / Keith Fullerton Whitman: The DAT era 1-8 ///

Inhaled books #32
Martin Heidegger - Das Ereignis
Masterly collection of illegibilities; a companion since 2009


The Dreaming Corpse - A Face in the Static (2016)

Tyler Damon Cloud That Passes, Cloud That Stays (2016)

Tashi Dorji & Tyler DamonBoth Will Escape (2016)

World War - Jumz (2016)

 Keith Fullerton Whitman - Soundz 7/97 (4)
Fourth 1997 DAT, including several core "Oiseaux" tracks, including New/Fast, Apostle, & You Didn't Look High Enough; the latter two offered present in two separate mixes / configurations. There are also two takes of "Derail" from "Attention: Cats!", and an entirely unreleased Hrvatski track, "Patience". Sandwiched in between are several offline time-stretches of water & mouth sounds, then the DAT ends with an 18-minute recording of solo guitar, recorded at night on the Reckankomplex during a rainstorm; quite nice. I've included this in the bundle outside of the pro-rata scheme; enjoy!

Keith Fullerton Whitman New 10/97 (2) 

Wow, we're six months in to the whole "DAT era" project already! I've really been having fun going through all of this music; while I'll admit that I had a certain trepidation in confronting all of this - at 43 I'm almost completely out of touch with my young adult self - but it's been great hearing everyone's feedback & enthusiasm for this material. On this tape we find most of the more experimental "Oiseaux 96-98" tracks, including two entirely different takes of "Atelier" (the earlier version has never been made public), a trio of short digital-music miniatures, "Sampler", "Numbers", and "Waves", and five takes of centerpiece "Rhetoric" (part of the mixing process involved "playing" the various no-input mixer noise chains heard throughout in real time; each one ended up with a different performance - it's interesting listening to these in order & how the the track was built-up & linearly fleshed out over a week or so). After that, it's "Madrid", "Corcoran" (for the record my least favorite released Hrvatski track; should have been cut from "Oiseaux"), and an early "radio edit" of "Ghatham" which, in retrospect, I prefer to the full "prog" one on the album. At the end is the ultra distorted remix of "Ordinary Garden Hose" from the "Blitter EP".

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Liver Sadness 7/12/98 Blitter Hrv
The Liver Sadness was a short-lived duo project by Stacy Rae Howe & Keith Fullerton Whitman; we played a handful of concerts around the Boston area & put out a CD-R on RSP of most of our collected recordings in an edition of 10 copies. We were very influenced by Conrad Schnitzler & the more improvised end of German Electronic Music, taking in influences from Dada & Fluxus & the like. This, IMHO, is the best of the sessions; 35 minutes of Plunderphonics & Bass / Multi-Vox gating culminating into a gorgeous psychedelic wash, recorded in Twisted Village's back room during July 1998. Features long sections of Musique Concrète improv that were later chopped & folded into "Schöner Flußengel", but they work beautifully in their original unedited state as a transcendental voyage. This DAT also includes the epic Blitter & Hrvatski collaborative track "Nuclear Cats Get New Home", recorded for the Lucky Kitchen compilation "Blip, Bleep (Soundtracks To Imaginary Videogames)", released the following May. This is one of my personal all-time favorite Hrvatski tracks, a live staple for years to come, heard here in its original fidelity for the first time.

Keith Fullerton Whitman Last 98 DAT!

Closing 1998 out with a bang, we get the masters of the later Hrvatski "Oiseaux 96-98" tracks, including opener "Routine Exercise", both takes of the DJ Hekla classic "Eruption 1970", a weird Hrvatski remix of a DJ Hekla remix, then the main sequence bit of "Vatstep DSP" (the rest was done "inside the box" so to speak). From there we get into a Hrvatski remix of a theme from the video game "Outrun", a weird DJ Hekla outtake (believe this was done for a nature documentary), then "2nd Zero Fidelity Mandible Investigation" (retooling the exhaustive drum-banks of "Vatstep" one more time before being deleted), followed by a remix of DJ /Rupture. At the tail-end, you'll find the individual aggregate instrumental sections of the piece "La Cathedral" (from an early Lucky Kitchen compilation), both quite nice on their own in a patterned-Minimalism kind of way (shades of the approach taken years later for "Multiples) - these are included gratis, outside of the usual pro-rata pricing scheme.
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Windchimes (1999)
Early 1999 DAT full of Hrvatski, DJ Hekla, & Gai/Jin tracks; let's break them down: The first track, literally, is a recording of the wind chimes on the Reckankomplex porch, fed through a microphone into a Max-MSP live-processing array. I believe I was going for a Luc Ferrari "augmented reality" sort of thing; it's quite nice in retrospect. There's an early version of "Akimbo" from the "Eruption 1970" single, followed by three takes - all quite different, actually - of "Epoxy" from the "IDM" 7", followed by the individual intro, outro, and sound-bank of the final take of said, with the final "Akimbo" sandwiched in between. Both takes of Gai/Jin's cover of "On" are here; this was recorded to a particularly awesome 4-track cassette machine called "The Polaris" that had a master motor-speed knob; each take here is at a different pitch. After that we get a nine-part suite of digital music produced by overloading the polyphony of an Akai S-2800 sampler; I believe the "Liquid Sky" soundtrack was running through my head around this time & that really isn't a bad reference point in retrospect. In true DAT-calamity style, this drops out to what was on the tape prior to erasure; a DJ set of questionable provenance run through an old 80s Eventide Clockworks Harmonizer set to 50% / 1-octave down through a very long reverb, already in progress. I've included this here for curiosity's sake, although I can in no way prove or disprove the origins, if only to say it sounds very much like something I would have done. This is included as a bonus outside of the pro rata scheme; enjoy.

Keith Fullerton Whitman- Harvard Concert 11/02

One of the downsides of DAT maintenance is that they tended to get erased, entirely or partially, accidentally, frequently. A shame the second half of this tape was wiped out & I no longer have the alternate takes of the remixes of Oren Ambarchi's Sun, Jace "DJ /Rupture" Clayton, left-coast hip hop act Themselves, Japanese experimental electronic act No. 9, or the DJ Hekla & Hrvatski tracks & the Confusional Quartet flips that at some point occupied this tape (although the remixes at least live on as they were all commercially released & can be found on the respective Staubgold, TheAgriculture, Anticon, & Locust releases). What we do get is a lovely concert of Live Electronic Music; one of the first truly post- Hrvatski sets, performed & recorded around the time I was looking to branch out from the pure laptop / "Playthroughs" systems into something else. The approach is somewhat peculiar in that there's actually no guitar on this, at all; the whole set, performed as an opening slot for Matmos' residency-concert in Harvard's Science Center, consists of real-time, Max-MSP processing of a reel-to-reel tape of instrumental & vocal improvisations - later cut up, very much in the mould of Anton Bruhin, and issued under the name "Fritz Dietl" on a Chocolate Monk disc - accompanied by a Sequential Circuits Pro One & an assortment of small music boxes, all run through a Max-MSP patch that extends the sounds spectrally into octaves & through time-based effects. There's a bit of the soundcheck, then the full concert, then a raw transcription of the Webcor tape, recorded on site via microphone into the DAT machine.

Keith Fullerton Whitman1999 DAT #2 

Second of the 1999 DATs, collecting various pieces and remixes that would end up credited to Hrvatski, Keith Fullerton Whitman, & Gai/Jin.Starts with a remix of Electro-Organic Sound System, then a cover of "Mouldy Old Dough" for a V/VM compilation (later on the Gai/Jin "Gun Court" single on Wabana), then "Insect Digestion Melancholy" (on the post-album Hrvatski single on Planet µ), three takes of "Sucka" (from the "Attitude" EP on Tigerbeat6), Three takes of "Paint it Black" (recorded for & released much later on the "Painted Black" compilation on tUMULt), then 2 of "Off" (also for the Gai/Jin Gun Court Single), with the feedback intro from "Gemini" pushed in between. After that, the various "Räume" pieces are here, with two takes of "Bad Raum", followed by an ill-advised reverb-wash cover of Terry Riley & John Cale's "The Soul of Patrick Lee" (one of few cover tunes I sang on & deeply regret attempting) & an early, similarly washed-out version of "Equinox" from the Carpark compilation "Who Wants to Buy a Craprak." Then it's "Kochen Raum" folloed by two takes of "Eintrag Raum", my cover of the music to the Gameboy version of level 3 of "Marble Madness" directly followed by an early version of "Weiter" from the doomed "Hrvatski '73" EP for Deluxe (later cannibalized into "Schöner Flußengel"). At the end, there's a few takes of the individual sounds from "Kochen Raum" & "Weiter", with neat Akai S-3000XL glitch-out piece in between; setting a precedent here, I'm including all interstitial sound-design & whatever sound-capturing materials are on each DAT free of charge outside of the normal pro-rata pricing scheme.

Keith Fullerton Whitman - 2002 Mixes
Welcome to "DAT era." To clarify what's going on here; I'll be posting the contents of a different DAT tape on the first of each month into the foreseeable future, at the very least until June of 2018. Everything's being remastered in the present & nothing's being left out. The material in question was all recorded to DAT tape between 1993 & 2002, with the largest concentration in the years 1996-2000, when I was hard at work, composing, programming, and recording music virtually every day as Hrvatski, DJ Hekla, Gai/Jin, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and so on. Each set is being put up for sale at a prorate of AUD$10/hour; for example the contents of a full 90 minute DAT would be AUD$15, this particular one with only 13:42 of material on it is only AUD$2.29. Everything is being re-digitized & remastered in the present; everything sounds better than I remember it. Each DAT "album" comes with high-res scans of the DAT case & the insert/booklet. Alles klar? Let's move on... To kick things off, here's a short one intended as a subscriber freebie, containing only an unfinished beat for a BPitch Control compilation, two takes of a fantastic, largely free-time jungle remix for Chicago band Salvo Beta, and four of one for New York Queercore no-wave band God Is My Co-Pilot for a Dark Beloved Cloud compilation (GIMCP, to this day, are of my favorite bands from the nascent Knitting Factory scene, where I camped out almost daily on my return to the New York area in September 1993). The promise of a "Steve Reich Excerpt" on the liners turned out to be 3 seconds of "Music for Large Ensemble" bookended by silence, for some reason.