Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sounds of the Day #63/2017: My Inhaled books #33 //////// Bary Center (1) , Michael Flora (1,2), Burkhard Beins / Lucio Capece / Martin Küchen / Paul Vogel (1) / Throwing Snow (1-3) / Ilhan Mimaroglu (1-6)

Inhaled books #33
Martin Heidegger - Gedachtes
Masterly collection of illegibilities; a companion since 2007


Bary Center - Just Dust (2017)

Michael Flora - Xi (2016)

(Label info):" of the most radical voices of formal abstraction in contemporary American computer music." - computer musician, Robert Francis  //// Michael Flora is a Minneapolis-based artist interested in exploring sound via research and artistic practice. Through performance, installation, and recording he creates pieces that examine sonic morphology, spatialization, and human perception. In 2016, he was commissioned by the Cedar Cultural Center to create "Nothing" a new performance piece for sound and movement in collaboration with Butoh artist Gadu. His multi-channel installations have been described disparately as: "elegant","beautiful", "awful", and "nasty." In 2015 his sound and light installation "Chord Study" was exhibited at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics(CCRMA). Since founding the micro-label Nada in 2011, he has released music by Austrian computer music virtuoso Tim Blechmann, Basque sound artist Miguel A. García, and Bay Area multi-disciplinary artist Collin McKelvey. Additionally, Nada has served as a platform for the curation of various concerts, multimedia events and podcasts. Flora's latest work, "Xi", contains nine compositions exploring techniques to tame microscopic details in sound generation to achieve a uniquely textured whole. Influenced equally by the brutal digital synthesis methods of Florian Hecker and the masterful electroacoustic work of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). Xi 's pointillistic convolutions deploy a disorienting array of sharp glisson synthesis, granular disfigurement, droning FM tones, and arabesque pulsar synthesis.

Michael Flora - Phrome (2016)
(Label info): 2016 release from Minneapolis based sound artist Michael Masaru Flora. 22 objects developed through spatial and temporal deconstruction. Created between 2014-2015 documenting both generative and improvised processes for computer. Total running time: 19 min

Burkhard Beins, Lucio Capece, Martin Küchen, Paul Vogel - Fracture Mechanics (2017)
Label info: Fracture Mechanics, the scientific study of cracks in any form of material, is a well-chosen metaphor for the examination of music, sounds, shapes and their breaking points. The fact that this has given the word "fracture" a slight semantic degrading is of particular importance. Even more unorthodox expressions - such as "brötzmann-esque arousal" or "the buzzing valves à la Dörner"- will inevitably wear thin over time, so too the mechanics of sound - that is, the basic ideas about music and its performance must be subject to critical review and alteration. This quartet is particularly suited for such a task: Lucio Capece, Argentinian-Berliner perception worker (featuring on Echtzeitmusik Berlin and duo album with Chris Abrahams), Burkhard Beins, legendary echtzeitdrummer and Post-Punk fan (featuring on Echtzeitmusik Berlin, Glück's album, and Future Perfect with Serge Baghdassarians and Boris Baltschun), Martin Küchen, Lund based saxophonist and baguette baker (featuring on The Bakery, a duo with Keith Rowe), and last but not least, Swiss/Irish clarinetist and domestic glassware operator Paul Vogel (a new artist in our roster). Do not miss this excellent opportunity to become acquainted with some of Europe's most influential profiles when it comes to the treatment of drum-head friction, precise gurgling, conceptually static noises, analog synth putter, ultra minimalism, radio distortion aesthetics, and disassembled wind instruments. 

Throwing Snow - Embers (2017)

Throwing Snow - Cosms  (2017) 

Throwing Snow - Axioms (2017)

Ilhan Mimaroglu Agony (1965)

Ilhan Mimaroglu - To kill a sunrise (1974)

Ilhan Mimaroglu - Wings of the Delirious Demon

Ilhan Mimaroglu - Fragmentation

Ilhan Mimaroglu - Music plus One

Ilhan Mimaroglu - Closely farfetched refrains