Friday, March 10, 2017

Sounds of the Day #64/2017: My Inhaled Books #34 /// Yerba Mansa (1) / Nate Hall (1,2,3) / Rhys Chatham (2) / Skullflower (15)/ Voltigeurs (2)

Inhaled books #34
Walter Benjamin - Abhandlungen
Among my earliest pre-philosophical readings kickstarted in 1991


Yerba Mansa - The Other Thing (2016)

Nate Hall - Under Spring Bones (2016)

Nate Hall - Unaka (2016)

Nate Hall Electric Vacuum Roar (2015)

Nate Hall - SIM (2015)

Rhys ChathamPythagorean Dream (2016)

VoltigeursThunder and Musk (2016)

greatest hits/bits/shards. wintering, lying low, a small need fire. 
the ruins are barden tower where sir henry clifford, the shepherd lord of these dragon lands, practised alchemy, received weapons not of this earth and wrote his book of gold. we fumblingly stumble upon his ways. amen.

Skullflower -  bayou perfume advert (2017)

smoke tendrils, copnomancy. a nest of pale creatures in the ponds depths, mirrors the sky. alligators eye blinks, Sebek, Set in his Saurian outfit; peacock feathers, jewelled scales; the crystal world, outgrowths of jewelled palm fronds, a sewer choked with mud and rubies.

Skullflower -  The Wisdom of Venom (2017)

The croaking of frogs. The whirrings of multitudinous wings. The insane laughter of hyaenas, merged and coalesced in a Spiral of Sound, that mounted to the blood dew'd moon. kg: snakewand

A bunch of nice guitar studies !