Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sounds of the Day #78/2017: My Inhaled books #38 ///// Russell E.L. Butler (5) / Prostitutes (7) / Onde Poussière (1) / Half Evidence (1) / Sysma (1) / psph.S (1)

Inhaled books #38
Jean-Luc Marion - Dieu sans l'être
In heavy uplifting use with deep admiration since 1996


 Russell E.L. Butler - I'm Dropping Out Of Life (2017)
(LABEL INFO) As Russell elaborates, "The title has been on my mind a lot, since I almost lost my life in the Ghost Ship fire and watched as many of my friends lost their's. I came up with the title several months ago, in fact 2 of the tracks were shopped in a producer's group that Johnny (Nackt) and Chelsea (Cherushii) were a part of, both of whom I lost in the fire. This release is about a commitment to life. The life that I refer to dropping out of, is a life where dreams are put on hold, where concessions are made in order to just survive. But that comes at a cost, one that is far too great for me to pay at this point. I wrote this poem, it'll come as an insert with the record. When you see me you might see me different / At first, as a presence / That always has been /But also An absence / A potential for not being  / a collection of constants /now wrought in marble  / Pine / Mahogony / The smell of grass / Light, like ash / Still / My mouth still moves /And my arms still extend to hold you / My sour breath caressing your ears / "It's ok, I'm still here" / And my voice is not alone / You hear all of them / Our friends / Our lovers / We're here with you / Always"

Prostitutes - Straightened Out (2016)

Onde Poussière - Silent Rain (2015)

Half Evidence  - Graines de Silence (2016)

Sysma Revenances (2016)

psph.S - {enter / reenter / out}(2016)